Memorial Day Weekend Reminders


Make sure your guests have your 4-digit code and know how to use it at the Gate Directory. Using the 4-digit code less than a minute to let your guests in remotely vs using the name look-up function which takes several minutes.

Remind your guests that if they cannot reach you and there are cars waiting behind you use the u-turn lane to your left to exit and then re-enter the guest lane.

Observe the stop sign, wait your turn as the gate system allows only one car to safely pass under the gate arm. The association is not liable for damage caused by not allowing the gate arm to drop from the car in front of you before you enter the 4-digit code to request entrance.


You must have your 2020 sticker on every watercraft you own. You are provided with two stickers with the same number for each watercraft that should be placed on the rear of the watercraft, above the waterline, and visible when the watercraft is running. Your lot number should also be displayed by your watercraft stickers using 3″ numbers.

All watercraft must travel counter-clockwise.e and you should should always be 100′ away from the shoreline and a safe distance between other watercraft.

Wake hours now are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through the Labor Day weekend. Then it will shift again back to 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Violation of our Rules & Regulations (available to view on is subject to receiving a citation as outlined in our Governing documents.

Dale Brunts, Lake, Dam & Spillway Chair / Koren McGinnis Security Chair / Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President

Indian Lake Water Test Results: May 2020


We have completed our May Water Testing at Indian Lake. The results are good and well below the guidelines. Our next test will be conducted in June.

Dale Brunts, ILPOA Lake, Dam & Spillway Chair

Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President

Blessing of the Boats & Community Center Public Bathroom

ILPOA Members:

Since we’ve become aware of the COVID-19 virus and have utilized the directives from the CDC, the State of Missouri, and Crawford County to address the concerns and safety of ILPOA’s members, guests, and vendors.  The ILPOA Board has tried to error on the side of caution when addressing how we conduct business, do our work, and with community club meetings and events.

As much as we would all like to see things return to normal we’ve had to take steps to ensure the safety of our community.  As a result, this continues to impact upcoming events and how we utilize our facilities.

Blessing of the Boats:

Based upon the input from our community using the voting feature within Nextdoor we asked if our members wanted to do the Blessing of the Boats as we would normally do on Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Weekend, or Cancel the Event.  More than half of the people who responded to the poll wanted us to Delay or Cancel the event.

We have decided it would be prudent to delay this year’s Blessing of the Boats to the 4th of July Weekend with the understanding that this is contingent on the further relaxing of guidelines by the CDC, State of Missouri, and Crawford County.

ILPOA Community Center Public Facilities:

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends that public bathrooms be cleaned/sanitized 1-2 times per day due to the COVID-19 virus.  Unfortunately, currently, we do not have a service provider that is willing to take on the responsibility to ensure our exterior public bathroom is clean and safe to be used by our members and guests.

Unfortunately, we have no choice but to keep the bathroom closed until further notice.  As the CDC changes its recommendation we can then reconsider re-opening the outside public bathroom at the Community Center.

The Marina has also informed us they will not have a public bathroom available either.  So as the holiday and summer weekends are upon us, please make sure if you and your family intend on using the beach that you keep this information in mind and plan ahead.  


I Scream … You Scream … We All Scream for Ice Cream

Nothing says Summer like the music of the Ice Cream truck echoing throughout our community. Starting next week on Tuesday and Saturday late in the afternoon and continuing until September, the Ice Cream Truck will be once again driving around our community with many treats to tantalize your test buds.

Keep in mind we still need to be careful while the COVID-19 virus is still a threat. The Ice Cream Truck will be doing its part to bring you your treats safely. They have added a protective screen to the truck, masks will be worn by the driver and they will frequently sanitize surfaces during breaks.

Don’t let you guard down even through your excited by the tasty treat you are going to buy. We recommend wearing a mask to protect you and the Ice Cream Truck driver. In addition, practice Social Distancing putting at least six (6) feet between you and the next person in line.

Enjoy your Ice Cream but most importantly do it safely!

Accessing Brush Creek from Indian Lake

The following information was provided by John Richmond (ILPOA Board). If you have any questions regarding this posting please email John at bod.jrichmond@ilpoa.og.

Members or Non-Members may be unknowingly entering the private property when canoeing or kayaking under the Cove 9 bridge. The property on either side of the creek (Brush Creek) of the bridge, is private and should not be entered. Signs are posted and there are obvious cautions to paddling on unfamiliar and at times, fast-moving water.

Please observe the signs and stay clear of the property along Brush Creek.

John Richmond, ILPOA Board

Lake Restoration Committee Update #4

The following information was prepared by the ILPOA Lake Restoration Committee. Any questions you have can be emailed to

Fellow members,

By now, hopefully, you have had the opportunity to review the two previous informational videos explaining the situation we are facing with our lake’s health.

The video link below provides information on what needs to be considered when selecting a company to provide a solution. The Lake Restoration Committee has thoroughly investigated various options and carefully screened companies that can meet the needs to improve the health of our lake.  There are two companies that fit our requirements and have the capabilities to perform the necessary work to restore our lake to a much healthier state. 

The Lake Restoration Committee will soon select and present our recommendation to the board.  Price, past performance, and reference checks are among the top evaluation criterion and our final selection for recommendation will be made as soon as all the references have been thoroughly completed.

Please take the time to review the information included in the link and – if necessary – go back to the 2 previous releases to get additional information. As always, if you have a challenge or some constructive input, please feel free to reach out to us at

Understand what to demand when specifying or assessing a proposed solution

Booster Club Coronavirus Update

know that the last few months have been difficult for most everyone in many different ways and challenges.  We have not had a Booster Club Meeting since February.  I have been listening to all the health updates and concerns for all of us to start coming out of such strict quarantine protocols.  Although some protocols are being lifted, I feel because of the age of the majority of our members it is better to error on the side of caution.  Therefore, I am canceling May and June booster club meetings and the Family Reunion fundraiser in June. 

I will continue to stay updated on all communications regarding this pandemic and make any changes that I feel are appropriate to keep everyone healthy and safe.  As I sit here writing, I am in the hopes that our Family Reunion fundraiser can still be scheduled into this years’ summer fun.  Everyone has still been working hard on this event and I know that it would be a fun way to end this quarantine and catch up with friends and families.

In closing, I would like to give you an update regarding our Booster Club Membership Drive, which is the biggest fundraiser for the Booster Club.  We are doing well and almost in line with last year’s goals.  That being said I would like to remind anyone still wishing to commit to doing so soon.  As you know we support a lot of projects around the community that the association budget cannot manage each year.  Please understand that I do not wish to impose any hardships on anyone with this reminder.  The last few months and those to follow have and will continue to be very different than we all expected to move into 2020.  I am just asking as a friendly reminder.  In order to help with the expected lower fundraising dollars, it has been decided not to purchase gifts for the different levels of donations this year.  This decision will be revisited next year before membership letters go out. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this update, please do not hesitate to connect me.  My prayer for you and your families is that you continue to be safe and healthy through 2020.  Please be diligent with keeping yourselves healthy as we move into the next stage, ‘RECOVERY’ from this pandemic.

Love the Lake

Bev Campbell

Booster Club President

Ladies Spring Luncheon, Roaring Twenties

it is with a sad heart that I am writing this today. With all the unknowns we hear from day to day regarding the coronavirus it has been decided to postpone the Ladies Spring Luncheon into April of the next year 2021. It was a difficult decision to make because so many are looking forward to being able to have fun again with socializing, but a good friend told me if one life can be saved with this decision it is worth it. How true Laurie. Thank you for putting it into perspective for me. We will still do the roaring twenties theme, so hang on to your costumes. Now with that being said, those that already have tickets please disregard them. We will issue new tickets next year at the same price of $20.00.

If you need a refund for your ticket this year, please private message me and I will make that happen. Those that can leave it in the Ladies club funds as a donation, that would be gratefully appreciated. As you can imagine with the lack of fundraising events this spring and summer the ladies’ funds will be a little tight this year. Please encourage friends to buy tickets for next year. We will be adding more fun things to the luncheon as we have another year to plan. In closing, I want to wish you continued safety and health.

You are all in my prayers daily. May God Bless you All.

Thank You


P.S. stay tuned in February for tickets and additional plans for 2021 Spring Luncheon.

ILPOA Club Meetings & Events

Because of the continued guidance regarding Stay at Home and Social Distancing all ILPOA Club Meetings and Events will be cancelled for May. We will provide any updates we receive for June when we received from club leadership.

In the meantime stay safe and follow COVID-19 guidelines so that we can soon enjoy one another’s company.

Lake, Dam & Spillway Update: May 2020

The following Lake, Dam & Spillway update was provided by Dale Brunts, ILPOA Chair. If you have any questions regarding Lake, Dam & Spillway you can send an email to Dale at

This past month has been unlike any other as we are all trying to find a new normal. I’ve only had a few assignments that have been easily resolved. I’m sure ideas and improvements will ramp up as soon as our season starts.

At the Cove 1 Boat Ramp drop off a pole has been placed in the water to serve as a marker for boat entry and exit. A member will be placing a flag at the end of their dock for additional visual help in maneuvering at the boat ramp.

The buoys in Cove 6 will be moved to their proper places within the next few weeks.