Our Community Cares

The legacy of our former ILPOA President, Mark McLean was making a difference in people’s lives no matter the place or time. From time to time we will highlight members of our community who embraces the same passion and drive as Mark McLean.

“Our Community Care” Member: Nancy Windorff

Nancy Windorff and her husband Tim have been a member of our community since January 2018. Nancy has already made her mark in our community with two projects she leading.

  • The Indian Hills Game Room: started for the sole purpose of making people smile and laugh, and who doesn’t like to win prizes! Look for Nancy’s postings on social media on upcoming Game Room dates and let us support her.
  • DIY Masks: Rather than sitting still Nancy decided to take matters into her own hands and start making masks to help protect people during this COVID-19 pandemic. Nancy has made more than 65 masks and gives them away free to friends and members. All Nancy asks is if you can make a small donation she can purchase supplies so she can keep making more masks.

What drives Nancy? Nancy was diagnosed with cancer 20 years ago and was given 5 years to live, but she proved doctors wrong. She received so much love and support during that time in her life, and since then, looking for ways to pay it forward. She believes God gave her more time to help and give to others. 

Nancy and her husband Tim have 8 children and 7 grandchildren that they enjoy visiting frequently. Nancy loves being a part of the wonderful groups in the community, like the Booster Club and Ladies Club, that can give to the community as well. If you see Nancy around the community make sure you say Hi and thank her for what she does for our community.

If you know someone who makes a difference like Nancy let us know by emailing us at indianlake@ilpoa.org.

Our Community Cares!

President’s Update – May 2020

The following update was provided by Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President. If you need to reach Mary Beth you can email her at bod.mbhuffman@ilpoa.org.

We are well into the quarantine, and it is affecting every one of our lives.  Hoping that this finds all of our members healthy.  And once again, if anybody requires any help with shopping, etc, please reach out – we have many generous members wanting to help.  The school district has made Indian Hills a stop bringing meals to our young members.  Thank you Koren McGinnis and your coworkers for putting this together.  All of the club meetings and events have been canceled for May.  We wish that you and your families stay safe! 

Our board meeting in April was held solely by teleconference.  It is wonderful to have the technology to be able to conduct our business even in these times.   Although I certainly missed everyone’s faces, hopefully, we’ll be able to sit in a room together soon. 

  • Cochran has completed the drawings for the bridge.  They have submitted and we have received all the permits required for the project.  We soon will be prequalifying construction firms for the project.  If you are aware of a contractor that would be a good fit for our project, please let me know. 

REMINDER:  Every member listed on a deed has been issued proximity cards to use as their access to their property.  Remember to carry those cards with you or in your car when you leave the community.  Entrance through the gate and entrance for your guests is EVERY MEMBER’S responsibility via the cards given to you.  Roving patrol, maintenance, or the office employees are not authorized to let you or your guests in the gate.  This reminder applies especially to members, not in good standing who do not have access to the directory, your card is your entrance into the private community.  If you have lost your card, contact the office to arrange to buy a replacement card. 

We have been publishing most of the boating rules and regulations.  Please make sure you are aware of the rules before putting your boat on the lake.  They are listed under the documents of this website.

Mary Beth Huffman

President – ILPOA

Roads & Maintenance Update: May 2020

The following update was provided by Gary Campbell, ILPOA Chair Roads & Maintenance. You can reach Gary at bod.gcampbell@ilpoa.org.

Another month has gone by. This past month has been crazier than a roller coaster gone off the rails. I pray everyone continues to be safe and no-one has had to endure the loss of a friend or loved one.

The maintenance dept has once again been very busy. Before COVID-19 hit, the focus was trying to get things done prior to the return of seasonal traffic. Well, needless to say, our game plan has changed. We will be working more toward maintaining the common grounds, potholes, etc and maybe being able to work in a few other odd jobs (Such as re-cabling the rails along the dam, fixing the tennis courts, developing a pickleball court, etc).

In addition, we lost Matt to medical complications, so we are operating a short one. Joe Modray and Walt Koyn are coordinating things. Walt has already been out trying to keep up with grass cutting in our common areas and the guys have dressed up the beach and the dam ready for the warm weather. It really looks nice. I’d tell you to give them a pat on the back, but don’t forget social distancing. You will just have to do it virtually.

The boards were installed at the dam to raise levels and repairs have been made to many of the docks. If we missed any spots, let us know via a work request.  You can get that form on the website at ilpoa.org.

The guys have also been busy on a number of projects over the past month including:

  • Equipment repairs and maintenance
  • The ongoing battle with potholes, people crashing the gate, etc
  • Pouring concrete for buoy anchors
  • Getting the donated speed boat ready for the summer season
  • Rerouted the venting and moved the griddles at the community center to improve efficiencies.
  • Installed posts and cabling to inhibit access to 4-wheelers trying to access the back of the dam. 4-wheeling and hill-climbing on the back of the dam is specifically prohibited!!
  • Installed 3 new culverts (Have a large number that is rusting out and are in need of replacement.
  • Cleaned association culverts. A reminder to check your culverts and clean out as needed!
  • Cleaned the grate at the Dam
  • Adjusted cameras at the gate

Pending projects include:

  • Potholes
  • Culvert replacement as weather, finances and normal summer maintenance requirements allow.
  • Tennis court repair and conversion of one court to a pickleball court.
  • Install buoys, again, when the weather warms up a bit

I know most of us are practicing this thing called social-distancing, but even when we get by this COVID-19 issue I am asking your help in not approaching the guys and engaging in conversation.  They have been told this is not an authorized activity while on the clock. With limited manpower and financial resources, we can’t afford that luxury.

Thanks for your continued support. Stay safe!!

We’re Getting Ready for You!

Roads and Maintenance Update: April 2020

Our Maintenance Team has been hard at work getting the community for the summer season. Check out the pictures below that show how they are maintaining the backside of the dam and cleaning up the beach by the Community Center.

We appreciate the leadership provided by Gary Campbell (Roads & Maintenance Chair) and Joe Modry along with Walt, Kevin & Jim who work with a tight budget but continue to patch potholes, cut grass, repair equipment, clear the roads, etc.

We appreciate that they are busy so we can enjoy our time at the lake. Looking forward to the day when the “Stay at Home” order is lifted and we can once again gather together and enjoy all that Indian Lake has to offer.

Boating Reminders

Section 2.B.  Registration and Length Limits.  Each member together with co-owners, if any, shall be allowed to register a maximum combined total of three (3) motor-driven watercraft subject to the choices listed below.”

  • OWNER RESPONSIBILITY: You must register your boats at the office.  You must produce a title of the craft and that title must be in the name of the owner listed on the deed of your property.  A member cannot register a non-member’s boat. 
    • You cannot receive your watercraft stickers unless you have registered it with the office.
    • No more than three (3) total-speed, ski, runabout, fishing boat, (maximum length twenty-two (22) feet), or pontoon or deck boat (maximum length twenty-five (25) feet).
    • No more than one (1) personal watercraft, maximum length twelve and one half (12 1/2) feet. For the purpose of this section, “PWC” is defined as, but not limited to, wave runners or jet skis.

Section 2.E.Boat Registration.  All boats being launched, operated, docked at private or ILPOA docks or on lifts in the lake water of Indian Hills Subdivision are required to be registered with the Association Office and to display current ILPOA boat stickers purchased at a total cost of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) which will be affixed on the left and right side near the back/rear of the boat, above the waterline.  Lot numbers will be affixed next to the ILPOA boat sticker which will be no less than three (3”) high on the right and left side of watercraft.

    • Only “Members in Good Standing” can request and receive watercraft stickers.
    • You cannot launch a watercraft or operate the watercraft on the lake without the required stickers.
    • If you do not have your watercraft stickers (the rear of the watercraft on each side of the watercraft) and Lot #s displayed on your watercraft you will be subject to a citation for each violation.
    • Watercraft Stickers & Lot #s must be above the waterline and be visible when operating the watercraft.

Section 3.B. Speed Limit.  The boating speed limit of forty miles per hour (40 mph) will be from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. starting the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. starting the first Tuesday after Labor Day through the Thursday proceeding Memorial Day.  Other times, the speed limit shall be a maximum of five miles per hour (5 mph) with minimum wake.“

Section 6. B. Littering.  Members are not to dispose of anything in the lake.  This includes lawn and garden waste, rubbish, litter from storms, soil, rock or any kind of matter.

  • We have been pulling out major sized logs that a member witnessed another member throwing back into the lake after they had washed up onto their property.
  • This is a MAJOR safety issue for boaters, jet skis, etc. because those logs are not entirely visible from the surface.  Do not dump anything into the lake.
  • Violators, at a minimum, will be subject to receiving a citation.

OTHER RULES REMINDERS: Complete set of Rules & Regulations are available at www.ilpoa.org.

  • Boats must proceed at no-wake speed when within 100 ‘ of docks. 
  • Boats operating after dark must have navigation lights
  • All coves are a NO WAKE ZONES
  • All watercraft, except sailboats, must travel counter-clockwise at all times. 
  • No one under 14 shall operate any motorized watercraft. 
  • You are ALWAYS responsible for your guests – YOU will receive a citation for your guests breaking the rules. Make sure you go over the rules with them.

Important Information Regarding Cove 1 Boat Launch Ramp

On Wednesday (4/8) a member made us aware of a problem at the Cove 1 launch ramp that was also confirmed by one of the Fishing Club members.

There is a drop-off on the launch ramp that will impact members launching their boats if they have a long trailer or you back your trailer deeper on the ramp.  On Thursday morning our maintenance team placed warning markers so that you will know the point of the drop-off.  If you continue to use the Cove 1 launch ramp please observe the markers and launch at your own risk (see picture below).

If you are concerned regarding launching your boat in the interim as we determine what we can do to address the problem we suggest using the marina launch ramp or the cove 9 launch ramp.  We will update members again after we can determine our plan of action.  Look for an update on www.ilpoa.org.

Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President (bod.mbhuffman@ilpoa.org)

Gary Campbell, ILPOA Roads & Maintenance Chair (bod.gcampbell@ilpoa.org)

Dale Brunts, ILPOA Lake, Dam & Spillway Chair (bod.dbrunts@ilpoa.org)  

COVID-19 Update for Crawford County – March 28, 2020


CRAWFORD COUNTY, MO – The Crawford County Health Department is releasing its first positive case of COVID-19 in Crawford County. The case is not travel related and the patient, a male, age 79, is currently hospitalized and in isolation.

The Crawford County Health Department is currently working with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) to conduct an investigation in an effort to identify any individual that may have come in close contact with the positive individual to monitor them for symptoms and assist in the containment of the virus.

The Crawford County Health Department urges the public to take appropriate precautions including: social distancing, limiting in-person interactions, avoiding contact with people who are sick, covering coughs and sneezes, proper hand-washing, cleaning frequently used surfaces, and staying home when sick.

The Crawford County Health Department has taken and will continue to take the necessary precautions to keep our community safe and will continue to diligently monitor the COVID-19 situation as it evolves by following the CDC guidelines to protect public health and limit the spread of this infection.

We encourage anyone that suspects you have COVID-19, or have been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 to call your healthcare provider before seeking care, unless it is a life threatening emergency.

For general information and questions regarding Coronavirus please call 1-877-435-8411.

(Canceled) Ladies Spring Luncheon to Saturday, May 16th

After many days of thought and conversations with Deb our president regarding the current status of the coronavirus, we have decided to move the Ladies Spring Luncheon to Saturday May 16th at 11 am.   

For those of you that have already purchased tickets, it is my hope that this day still works for you.  Should it not I can be reached at 832-299-9529 to discuss a refund.  I would ask first that you consider leaving it as a donation to the Ladies Club since this event is also a fundraising event.

For those that have not purchased tickets we still have several available and you can purchase them by contacting Bev at 832-299-9529 or Carla at 573-500-0347.

I am praying that you all stay healthy and are ready for some fun and socializing with us on May 16th.  

God Bless

Bev Campbell

Legal Update – April 2020

The information below was prepared by Chris Pinaire, ILPOA Legal Chair. If you have any questions please reach out to Chris via email at bod.cpinaire@ilpoa.org.

Life is certainly changing all around us this spring with the threat of Covid-19.  Our everyday lives have changed drastically.  We hope and pray that everyone remains safe. 

Like many gatherings in public places, our upcoming trial (Brunts, O’Fallon, Wideman, & Williams vs. ILPOA) set for 4/14 -4/15 has been rescheduled.  At this time, the trial has been rescheduled for May 29th, 2020.  This could change depending on the spread of Covid-19.  As new updates are available, we will inform the community.

However, I did want to share that in 2019, the association spent nearly $22,000 on legal fees.  As we move forward, we hope and pray for quick decisions so that we may move on from the lawsuits of the last two years and move forward together, as a community.  We will need everyone’s support, together, as we look to continue to improve the current infrastructure.

Stay safe.  See you all around soon!

Chris Pinaire

President Update – April 2020

The information below was prepared by Mary Beth Huffman, President ILPOA. If you have any questions on the material covered below please email Mary Beth at bod.mbhuffman@ilpoa.org.


We are in uncharted times – this Coronavirus has uprooted all of our lives to some extent.  At this time, our Neighborhood Watch is so very important.  Our elderly and others who may need help are not easily identifiable, even though we have tried to reach out to the Community numerous times to offers to shop, medicine, etc.  It is up to each and every one of us to know and keep an eye on our neighbors.  We have many, many folks who have offered to help in any way, but nobody has actually reached out for help.  Neighborhood Watch captains/volunteers are needed, please message Kathy Kamper if you wish to know more about our Neighborhood Watch program. 

In the meantime, as has been communicated previously, we have made provisions for the office to stay open with business being conducted through the door and mail slot.  The community center is closed until further notice.  The quarterly meeting has been canceled.  Keep an eye out for when Club’s resume their meetings/business and events.  Also, maintenance continues to work, but we want to remind members to not make any contact with any of our maintenance employees.  If you have an issue, please fill out a maintenance form, or contact Gary Campbell at bod.gcampbell@ilpoa.org.  BE SAFE!  


Cochran Engineering has completed the preliminary drawings for the bridge.  They have also submitted the necessary permits.  We will be ready to put the completed drawings out for bid by late spring/summer.  Again, if you know of a contractor that is interested in bidding, please contact me.  We will require the bidders to prequalify – meaning they will have to meet insurance requirements, have references, etc. 


Our trapper ended up with 11 beavers!  Are they all gone?  No, we have always had beavers and we will always have them.  But we hope that the reduction will help immensely in the extreme damage members have been receiving to their properties in the last 3 months.

Crawford County Sheriff Department

We met with a representative of the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department along with Neighborhood Watch.  Our meeting mostly concentrated on the approximately 10 residents that cause most of the issues in Indian Hills.   We are feeding information to CCSD from ours and other cameras around the neighborhood, as well as the gate logs.   Most of these folks are members not in good standing, so they do not have their names in the directory-which has allowed us & CCSD to identify all their “friends”-friends that help them in their suspicious behavior and “maintaining” their nuisance properties.  We know the members who aid these folks by opening the gate for them and their friends, and those member’s names are also being forwarded to CCSD.  Remember if you are letting somebody into our Community you are ultimately responsible for their behavior.  Sometimes they will make “cold calls” in the directory and just hit random names and say “Please push 9”.  Don’t fall for that, only open the gate for those you know.  And of course, the “pleas” you hear from these folks on social media are extremely one-sided.  

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Loose and stray dogs are becoming an incredible nuisance at Indian Hills.  They are everywhere, aggressively charging neighbors, biting members, aggravating the dogs that are restrained, chasing cars, defecating in everybody’s yard, etc.  And we’re not talking about the occasional, “my dog got out of the yard and I am chasing it”……this is a consistent problem from the same owners over and over again, and more and more dogs seem to have no home.  

Crawford County DOES NOT have an animal shelter.  Cuba has a shelter, but we are not in Cuba, they CANNOT take our problems, they have a full house of their own.  Indian Hills security, maintenance, board members are not trained to handle dogs/cats, nor is it safe for them to do so.  

Our rules are clear.  No dogs/cats are to be off the premises of the owner when not under the control of a leash by a person over the age of 12.  If you see a dog/cat running loose, and know who the owner is, please send an email to our office at ILPOA.org with the info – when and where you observed the dog, what kind of dog, who is the owner, the address, etc.  We will write the member a citation, after 3 they will be considered members, not in good standing.  

As many of us are dog lovers, it is heartbreaking to see irresponsible members letting their dogs run as they do.  Please make it clear to those members your feelings, as some folks just don’t seem to care about their pets or the rules.  Perhaps we can come together as a community to help these poor animals.

Board Position Opening

On March 14, I received a resignation from Bill Brumitt from the Board.   Our By-Laws, “Article V, Section 11. VACANCIES.  Any vacancy occurring on the Board of Directors must be filled within ten (10) days by the next person in line from the previous election of Directors with the largest number of votes, and be appointed by the Board of Directors, to serve until the next regular election of members of the Board.  If no candidates are available, the Board of Directors shall fill the vacancy by appointment.”

On March 22, as the next person in line, Dale Brunts was offered the position.  He accepted and was appointed that position on March 23.  

As the temperatures start rising, the days get longer, let’s hope that we get through this COVID-19 crisis quickly and safely.  Please speak up if you hear of any member in need!

Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President (bod.mbhuffman@ilpoa.org)