Bridge Committee Update (9/25/20)

Things are moving forward with our new Cove 9 Bridge.  On Tuesday, September 15, we hosted a prebid meeting for interested contractors at the Community Center.  Five contractors were represented at this meeting led by Cochran Engineering, in addition to the utility companies, Crawford Electric, Indian Hills Utilities and Century Link.  The contractors viewed the jobsite between 12 and 2.  And the meeting took place from 2-3 pm. 

The bid opening is scheduled for September 24 at 2 pm at Cochran’s office.  The contractors, board and bridge committee will be able to attend this meeting by Zoom.  We are anxious to see how the numbers will come in.  Covid has changed the world since we estimated the project and construction materials are sky high at this time.  In addition, labor is very difficult to come by.  We are hoping these two items do not have a big impact on our estimate.

We will be evaluating the bids the first week or so of October, then will be able to choose our contractor.  Keep in mind that the “lowest” bid is not always the “best” value bid.  Once the best contractor is chosen, we will write a contract and the contractor will spend the rest of October and November formulating their schedule, mobilizing and getting ready for construction.  Brian Nisbet has agreed to be our project manager.  Brian comes with experience as a project manager at McCarthy, plus is a member at Indian Hills.  We thank him for agreeing to oversee the construction – again a volunteer position taken on by a member whose sole objection is to help the community at a toll to his personal life.

The intent is to begin lowering the lake on October 1.  Please make sure your family/neighbors are aware of this date.  Our hope is to have it lowered enough by November 30 to begin construction on December 1.  That is something that is weather dependent.  Sometime before that, our folks will be making some modifications to the spillway in order to take some of the steepness out so that some longer vehicles will be able to travel to the other side of the lake during construction. 

Somewhere around December 1, the contractor will demolish the old bridge.  At that time, all traffic will be detoured to the dam.  Begin thinking about that now – additional time & distance for approximately 1/4 of our members.  During that time NO TRAFFIC, foot or vehicle will be able or allowed to cross on the south side of the lake.

Construction is estimated to be from December to March.  Assuming that all goes as expected and we have a mild winter, we hope to begin filling the lake around the end of March and we hope to have a “normal” spring……….(will things EVER be normal again???)

Should you have any additional questions beyond this update, please send an email to:

Bridge Committee

Brian Nisbet

John Oeltjen

Mike Dean

Gary Campbell

Mary Beth Huffman

ILPOA Election Update

2021 BOD Candidates

Daniel Cannon

Robert Dixon

Tom McClard

Joe Mischik

Torry Palermo

John Richmond

We can’t thank these members enough for submitting an application to the board.  This is a very exciting time for the board.  The Community is finally heading towards the future and the Association needs strong leaders to continue the progress made in the last few years.  We are thrilled with the array of experience and knowledge each one of them bring to Indian Hills.  And as always, we welcome folks coming to us with new ideas, and fresh ways at looking at our Community and it’s issues.  

Here’s a short note on how things happen.  We have been vetting the candidates to make sure that they are in fact a deed holder in IH and that they are a member in good standing.  Next, they are working on completing a questionnaire that we sent to each of them.  These will be questions that will allow them to tell the community how they feel about the pressing issues of the Community.  The questionnaires will be due quickly.  We will then send the answers to those questionnaires to the whole membership the week before our annual meeting.

This year, due to COVID, our Annual Meeting will be a little different than in previous years.  We are setting up to do it virtually through YouTube.  The candidates, some board members and some members will be in the Community Center, but most of our membership will be at home watching the meeting virtually.  Each candidate will have a set time to talk about themselves/what they want to do for the community.  There will also be a question and answer period after their short talks, in which the members will have submitted their questions earlier in the week and they will be presented during the meeting.  The meeting will be held on October 10th at 1 p.m.  Please plan on attending virtually.

Ballots will be sent out soon after the Annual Meeting.  Their 100 word bio and picture will be included on that ballot.  We have not chosen an Election Day as of yet, but it will be in the middle of November.  After the ballots are tallied that day, we will let the candidates know the results.  The new Board Members will be sworn in and begin their duties on the Board at the meeting December 11. 

This is just a short note to let you know what to expect in the next coming weeks.  Again, we thank these six for their commitment to our community. 

Mary Beth Huffman
President – ILPOA

ILPOA Annual Meeting on October 10th at 1 p.m.

ILPOA Members:

As previously announced, our ILPOA Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 10th at 1 p.m. In addition to a brief update regarding the association, the majority of the meeting will be focused on our Meet the Candidate Forum for the 2021 Board. Tremendous progress has been made over the past year and we are excited for everyone to hear from our prospective Board candidates on the experiences, skills, and expertise that they will bring to the table should they be elected to the 2021 ILPOA Board.

To ensure that as many people can participate in this important meeting, we are making some exciting changes to the meeting format. This year we will be live-streaming the meeting online via YouTube which will allow you to not only hear but see the candidates as if you were at the Community Center. The COVID pandemic has challenged us with the annual meeting as we are restricted to the number of people that can participate in person. As a result, we will be taking reservations for a limited number of seats at the Community Center. We encourage anyone that has computer access to use the live-stream if at all possible so those that do not have computer access can attend in person. More details to follow regarding the reservation process. Those attending in-person will be required to wear a mask to enter the building, during the meeting and until you exit the building.

As we have done in the past, we will have a candidate questionnaire that will allow each candidate the opportunity to respond to key issues that impact the future of our community. The responses will be sent out to all of our members via email, in addition to posting the information online. Copies will also be available at the ILPOA Office should you not have computer/internet access.

Because of the COVID limitations on the number of people attending in-person and the large number of people attending via the YouTube Live-Stream we are requesting that members pre-submit candidate questions via email ( or drop them off at the ILPOA Office by not later than Tuesday, October 6th. You must be a Member in Good Standing with ILPOA to submit a question and also provide your name and which candidate(s) the question is directed. To be fair to all members we will be using pre-submitted questions for the Q&A portion of the meeting.

This year’s election is very important and the choices we make will have a significant impact on the current and future of ILPOA. We are encouraging as many members as possible to participate. With the addition of live-streaming the meeting, we’ve made it easier than ever to participate. Now it is up to you to make this meeting a priority.

If you have any questions you can email the ILPOA Office at, call the office at 573-885-3630 or drop off your questions at the dropbox on the outside of the ILPOA Office.

ILPOA Community Committee

ILPOA President’s Update (09/10/20)

The information below was provided by Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President. If you have any questions regarding her report you can email Mary Beth at

Wow, hard to believe we are moving into September!  COVID, Tornado,
Flood….2020 has been a summer to remember-a YEAR to remember!

There are some important dates coming up:
August 31st at 4 pm was the deadline for Members to submit By-Law and Rule
and Regulation Changes.

Saturday, September 19 is the deadline to submit your form, 100 word
statement and picture to run for the board.  The form is on-line or Michelle
in the office can give you one if you stop by during office hours.

October 1, the boards will be removed from the valve at the spillway to
begin the lowering of the lake so that bridge demo/construction can begin.
Strongly suggest those who take their boats out of the lake during the
winter do so by then.

Saturday, October 10 will be the Annual Meeting/Meet the Candidates.
Discussions are ongoing about how to do that in our Covid world.

Bid Package out in September, take bids end of September.  October to
evaluate and choose a contractor.
Lower the Lake in October/November
December-March Construction

This is a very broad time line.  The bridge committee has been working with
Cochran Engineering to move into the building of the bridge.  Weather is a
huge unknown.  Construction in the winter is far from ideal.  Our first
unknown hurdle will be getting the lake to lower in two months for
construction to start.  Will our wet year continue, or will it let up and
let the lake lower?  And then there are some construction activities that
will be temperature sensitive – such as pouring concrete – that we will need
some decent windows.  But let’s all hope we don’t run into any extreme
weather this fall/winter and that we will be able to begin filling that lake
up in the spring!  Any member who is interested in looking at the drawings
and specifications, there is a copy in the office.

Our delinquent dues/assessment was at $114,000 the beginning of August.  The
Association counts on ALL members contributing to the running of the
community.  Although removal from the directory brought in some payments, we
will have to begin legal proceedings to collect some of the older accounts.
Unfortunately, that entails spending money to get our money.

The tornado did enough damage to the Community Center that insurance has
paid for a new roof.  We are in the process of bidding the work out.   Some
wonderful members bought some new fans and installed them for the patio.
Thank you so much to Bill and Karen Bell and Doug and Jeanette Pittman.

The Booster Club has some great Covid-friendly events coming up.  This
Saturday will be a Movie Night at the Community Center Beach Area.
September 12 they will be having a Parade for our First Responders.


ILPOA Roads & Maintenance Update (09/10/20)

The information below was provided by Gary Campbell, Roads & Maintenance Chair. If you have any questions regarding the information provided you can contact Gary at

Some highlights for the past included record rainfall and that rain continued to take a toll on the roads & trees. We had one worker out 2 weeks due to a spider bite that got infected and another that has been out the last few weeks due to colon cancer (He has taken a leave of absence for at least 5 months). Add to that our aged equipment failures that continue to significantly impact efforts. Despite all the obstacles, the guys have continued to maintain. My hats off to Joe, Walt and Matt.

They have continued to maintain the normal grass cutting (9 coves, entry islands, community center, and other community properties), trimming, and repairing our aging equipment. We had the roller, the skid loader (trans), mowers. White truck, Backhoe and security boat/pontoon issues (Due to wear & tear)

The guys continued with cleanup after the tornado and flash flood, both on land and in the lake. Had to tow trees and hay bales to the dam and remove them with the backhoe. Had to pick up a dock from Cove 9. Debris cleanup and disposal took up a good part of the first two weeks of July. Required 3 loads of rock at Cove 9 to repair erosion, alone.

In addition to those things mentioned above, the guys have been busy:

  • Continued repairs to the gate arms.
  • The patrol boats- the pontoon was over-heating and required servicing and our recent repair of a donated speed boat was for nought. Shortly after in-service as a patrol boat, on July 11, it caught fire and is not repairable.
  • The guys have retrieved stray buoys and have placed additional buoys according to the current approved plan. If you have a complaint about placement, please don’t move the buoys. Submit a change request to the office for consideration. It may not change, but you will get a reply back explaining why it can’t/won’t be changed.
  • Maintenance has cut some new ditch to address drainage issues
  • Sprayed weeds/grass at entrance landscaping and in other community areas.
  • Cable got installed at the bottom of the dam to restrict access to the back of the dam.
  • The cable at the top had to be repaired when someone slid off the pavement and took out a post.
  • The guys have continued to fix more potholes and some significant erosions — some that were caused by the flash flood and some by the persistent rains we had in July & early August!! Filled major potholes/erosions on Seminole, Alleghany, Dogwood, Hickory, Whitehawk, Cove 9, Cove 1, Navajo to name a few.
  • Cove 9 bridge got inspected by Cochran and weight restrictions were recommended until replacement can be effected.
  • Checked culverts and unclogged some that needed it. Will be beginning replacements of some that need that.
  • Replaced batteries on out warning sirens. Are going to begin a program to test same beginning in the near future.
  • Replaced rope and buoys around swim area.
  • Moved electric at community center to allow install of backsplash behind grills.
  • Trimmed brush along some of the roads

In addition, Mary Beth, myself and Joe met with representatives from the water company on Friday, August 14 to discuss renewing our contract with them and their plans going forward. They have indicated plans to start replacing the water mains in Indian Hills in the Spring. Our question to them was, “Will that increase rates in Indian Hills?” We were told,” it would not!” They have accrued funds to allow for that upgrade.

We discussed current road repairs needs, repairs following future leak repairs (Which should be minimal once the current water mains are replaced), and we were told their intent was to start on current repair needs within the next few weeks. They have 3 new people in upper management/customer service positions (2 of which we met with) and their intent is to work on improving their image at Indian Hills. The one individual not present is new and will be moving into this area and as soon as he arrives, his first priority will be focused on needed road repairs in Indian Hills.

If what was stated at this meeting bears out, we have high hopes that both the water system and roads may improve. 

Last, but certainly not least, I want to extend my sincere thanks to the Booster, Men’s and Ladies clubs for their generous contributions. They have helped lessen the impact of natural disasters and aging equipment repairs on our budget. Thank you!!

ILPOA Legal Update (9/10/20)

The information below was provided by Chris Pinaire, ILPOA Legal Chair. If you have any questions regarding the information provided please email Chris at

 Lawsuit with Brunts, Wideman, O’Fallon, Williams: Count V (Fraud) was withdrawn by the plaintiffs.  The original case has now been entered into final judgement.  However, the plaintiffs filed an appeal in the southern district of Missouri Court of Appeals.  As updates are available, we will relay to the community.

Trail Road Case:  This case has been dismissed.  The property was sold and is no longer an issue with the community.

Lawsuit with All-Type Fence: The case against All-Type Fence is ongoing.  Our next court date is scheduled for bench trial on 10/28/20 at 9am CST.

ILPOA Office Closure Notification


Due to unforeseen circumstances we are closing the ILPOA Office beginning on Thursday, September 10th through at least September 19th.

We know this will be an inconvenience during this time, however, any requests that you have can either be emailed to the ILPOA Office at or you can take advantage of the 24 hour drop box on the outside of the office (exit road entrance door).

If you have any questions / concerns you can email me at or Mary Beth at  Again, thankyou in advance for your understanding.

Don Kalista

ILPOA Vice President & Office Chair