Flooding Update


Our crews and some volunteers have been working since this morning to clean up the hay bales, logs, debris, etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH to the folks that have been helping us all day do that. And thank you to everybody staying off the lake so that cleanup can safely happen quickly. From Cove 5 north looks better than the south side of the lake. We are going to stop our cleanup operation from 6-8 tonight to allow members on the lake for a few hours. THIS MEANS ABSOLUTELY NO WAKE. And also, please stay out of Cove 7. Those poor folks are still cleaning up from the tornado, now this. We will reevaluate the whole situation in the morning. The lake will close down again after 8 pm. Of course, no parade tomorrow night. EVERYBODY, PLEASE CHECK THE ELECTRIC TO YOUR DOCKS!!!!We also ask that all members keep their vehicles/cars/side by sides, etc out of the coves. It is mucky and we’re leaving huge ruts. We’ve also had a lot of reports of snakes. Two times today, that Cove 9 bridge was closed…….We will be inspecting it for damage as soon as we can. What kind of fun do you wanna gave next weekend???? – lol!

Mary Beth


We have had some significant flooding at Indian Hills. Cove 9 Bridge was under water for about 2 hours and now the water has receded and the road is currently open. Right now, the lake is closed until further notice for safety reasons as many watercrafts and debris are floating loose. We are currently experiencing more rain so it is possible the situation could worsen. We will keep you advised as changes happen please check the social media sites for immediate updates.

Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA Board President

4th of July Reminders


Reminders for our Members & Guests to Have a Safe Fourth of July Holiday

    • We have employees and volunteers that will be assisting at the front gate this weekend on Friday and Saturday. Please be patient as we assist your guests with entry into the community.  Volunteers will only help them with using the Guest Directory.  If you do not answer your guests will not be allowed to enter.
    • Prepare Your Guests Before They Arrive
      • Make Sure Guests Have Your 4-Digit Code(s) – this will speed up the process from less than 30 seconds to several minutes:
      • Know When Your Guests Are Arriving – make sure you are in a place where you have phone/cell phone coverage so you can remotely open the gate when your guests arrive.
    • Exit Gate – Stop at the sign and slowly inch forward towards the gate to activate the gate sensor to open.
  • ILPOA Office Hours
    • JULY 3RD: The ILPOA Office will be OPEN on Friday, July 3rd from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. should you need to purchase watercraft stickers, guest cards, etc.
    • JULY 4TH and 5th: Office Closed
    • Boat Parade: Saturday, July 4th at dark we will have our Light Up The Night boat parade.  Light up your boats, docks, etc. and join us as we travel around the lake to see the lights.
    • Fireworks Displays: There is no formal display scheduled for the 4th weekend, however, many people will probably shoot off fireworks so there should be plenty to see. We believe Cuba will be hosting a fireworks display on Friday, February 3rd at dusk at Hood Park.  Check out Cuba’s Facebook page for details.
    • Social Distancing: please maintain at a minimum 6’ social distance wherever you are in the community including the beach.  Where it is not possible to keep the 6’ social distance we urge you to use a mask for the safety of your fellow members, family, and guests.
    • Please be Sensitive to Your Members Wishes: not everybody may feel the same way as you regarding COVID precautions. Ask before you shake hands or elbow bump, be aware of your social distancing, etc.
  • Boat Safety (violations could result in receiving citations)
    • Water Patrol: Water Patrol will be out and enforcing ILPOA Rules & Regulation. If you are found to violate rules and regulations you may be issued a citation(s).  Water Patrol will be courteous to you and we expect you to act the same.
    • Age to Operate Watercraft: You must be at least 14 years old to operate any motor-driven watercraft.  If Water Patrol stops you please be prepared to offer proof of age.  The best way to have your Boaters License with you.  If you are not able to provide proof of age you will be asked to leave the lake until you can provide proof of age.
    • Safe Distance with Shoreline: Boats must proceed at slow minimal wake speed within one hundred (100) feet of the non-motorized boats, swimmers, fishermen, and docks.
    • Safe Distance when Towing: Never tow closer than one hundred (100) feet to any non-motorized boat, object or person.
    • Rafts, Swim Mats, Floats, etc.: Members shall not leave non-motorized floating apparatus such as inner tubes, trampolines, slides, or other recreational floating devices in the lake overnight.
  • Use of ILPOA Facilities – When requested by Security, any person on ILPOA property shall be required to properly identify themselves by presenting their ILPOA Membership, Tenant or Guest card, and/or their driver’s license. Guest cards are available at the ILPOA Office for $5 each.  Security will be doing random checks during this holiday weekend.
  • Fireworks – Discharge of fireworks is limited to the week of July 4th in Indian Hills Subdivision. Fireworks shall not be discharged before noon nor after 11:00 p.m. in the Indian Hills Subdivision. Fireworks will not be aimed at or at a neighboring property.
  • Cove 7 – please avoid Cove 7 as members are still cleaning up debris from the recent tornado and docks are being checked to make sure there are no electric issues. If you are planning to anchor your boat to go swimming please use another cove.
  • Golf Carts / UTVs / ATVs
    • You must be 16 years old to drive a Golf Cart, UTV, ATV, etc. You may be asked by security to provide proof of age (Drivers License).
    • Please remind people to drive safely and do not overlead the vehicle beyond stated capacity.