ILPOA President Update

February 27, 2020

The new board is getting settled into their positions. I appreciate all the board members who so generously donate their time and energy away from their families to work for the community.  We are also learning to bring in more members at large for not only their expertise and help (which they always are happy to jump in), but their fresh ideas as well.

Want to thank our maintenance crew who have been challenged by a lot of ice and snow this winter.   They are out with the plows and salt at all hours trying to get ahead of you having to get to out of the subdivision.  We were blessed again by the Booster Club who replaced our old salt spreader that finally shot craps.  The extra labor hours alone stretch our budget, so it is a huge help to have them step in with the equipment. 

We found a member who is an experienced beaver trapper that has helped us out immensely with our nuisance. The current count is 8!  We thank the neighbors who agreed to let us use their properties to trap.  This generous trapper has agreed to continue to help us through the year, we really appreciate his stepping up.

We have also had a group step up to manage the Community Center.  Jeanette Pittman is leading a group of volunteers that have already made a huge impact by a massive cleanup and clean out of the Community Center.  Among other things, they are combining all the supplies, scheduling the cleanings, coordinating rentals with the office, etc.  In addition, they are proposing a much needed revision to our rental policy – this will be out soon.  Our current policy does not even cover the costs when a member rents the hall.  The Community Center has been a perfect place for community activities, meetings, member parties, etc. it is nice to have a committee in front of the issues instead of the afterthought it sometimes gets to be. 

We have rescheduled our quarterly meeting with Crawford County Sheriff’s Department as it was cancelled for poor weather last month.  We will continue to work with them for both of our benefits.  Are you aware that perhaps approximately 10 residents in Indian Hills are responsible for way more than half of the share of our problems, whether it be gate issues, suspicious behavior, nuisances, domestic disputes, loose dogs, etc.?  Our gate policy and cameras are a huge help in feeding information to CCSD.  You also help!  Any suspicious behavior, please call 911 (remember, our security is for IH infractions, not criminal behavior).  Any strange gate issues – email our office at and provide as much info as you can, including time – as it helps to know when incidents happen when looking at the cameras.  Neighborhood Watch can also be a huge help – get to know your neighbors.  Know what isn’t right – know those neighbors to call and count on.

The dock rental is upcoming – that’s always a good indication SPRING is around the corner! 

Mary Beth Huffman (

President – ILPOA

Reminders from our Building Permits Chair

February 27, 2020

With the spring season soon approaching, Association members are starting to think about building projects. Several things to think about:

  1. Does this project extend close to the 10 foot easement of the property line
  2. Will this project require a permit from the Crawford County Department of Health;
  3. Does this project add an additional “storage structure” to my property (whereas our warranty deed specifies only one such structure other than the main residence);
  4. Could this project require a survey?

A building permit application needs to be filled out by the owner/member, and can be found online at our website or may be picked up in person at the office. Should you have questions about the application process, the Building Permit Chair can answer questions for you.

John Richmond (

Building Permits Chair

Setting the Record Straight, February 2020

It is the policy of the ILPOA Board of Directors that we do not respond to individual posts on social media sites such as Nextdoor and Facebook. Rather we ask our members to send their questions to us via the office email at or to the individual Board of Director. However, in order to address some misinformation that is being shared on these sites as well as questions received at the ILPOA Office we will periodically answer them as a post on our website.

Please click the link below to see the February Issue of “setting the Record straight”.

February Roads & Maintenance Update

Gary Campbell, Roads & Maintenance Chair (

The weather has not been great for doing road maintenance, but we continue to battle the pothole situation. We have been trying to work on potholes every time the weather gives us an opportunity. Areas they worked on are:

  • Lakeside
  • Entry road
  • Hickory
  • 2065-2191 Lakeshore
  • Lakeshore (Cove 1 to Squaw)
  • Big Bear
  • Lakeshore (West of dam)

When the weather has not allowed us to work outside, the guys have been busy organizing the maintenance area and repairing equipment. Over the past month, they have also been working to inventory and get a clear picture of culvert replacement needs and the current status of needed pothole repairs.

We continue to get calls on the exit gate hanging open. Please, heed the stop sign on exit. The failure to do so until the previous vehicle clears the gate will negate the trigger to close following the second vehicle exiting. Reminder: Even if no other vehicle is in front of you, it is good to develop the habit of stopping each time, then advancing both on entry and exit. Thank you for your help in making the gates work as advertised.

During one of the heavier rains, we had a flooding situation develop due to a blockage that developed on the culvert under the entry to the maintenance yard. Reminder: Even if you have recently cleared your culvert, blockages can quickly develop during heavy rains. You might want to check yours before and after any predicted heavy rains.

The guys have installed LED light bulbs at the community center to increase brightness and help save on electricity costs. They also recycled old fixtures at the maintenance yard with LED bulbs to increase efficiencies. Reminder: LED light bulbs consume about a tenth of what a standard bulb uses so in a year, 10 – 60 watt bulbs would cost you about $105 where LED bulbs consuming 6 watts each would run about $10.50. You would save about $8 monthly. The investment will quickly pay for itself.

Again, know that we look at keeping you safe as our first priority. Dam closure due to ice/heavy rain runoff is an inconvenience, but it is for your safety! We attempt to minimize the length of closure!

If you see a way we can make things better, let me know. You can pass that along on a Work Request (Available at the office).  I welcome the feedback. But know, it might not get done tomorrow. If you pass it to me in conversation, it may get forgotten before I get somewhere to record it for posterity. Please, put it on a Work Request and return it to the office.

Thank you all for your help and support to make this community better! Y’all have a great March!!

Booster Club News

Look for updates here regarding the benefits of joining the $500 Donor Club!

Interested in becoming a Booster Club member, email us at

Beverly Campbell, President Booster Club

Lake Restoration Committee Update (2/20/20)

The Lake Restoration Committee is made up of ILPOA Members. The purpose of the committee is to investigate, research, evaluate solutions and make recommendations regarding the long-term health of Indian Lake.

After a full review of the strategy, approach and Communication & Education plan presented to the BOD, the Lake Restoration Committee is moving forward towards a solution to our lake’s declining health and depth problem.  By decreasing the lake’s over-abundance of organic muck, this solution will be focused on accomplishing an increase in lake depth, improve the overall appearance and quality of our water, decrease the problematic (unrooted) aquatic plant life and provide the fish within our lake a much better opportunity to thrive. Over then next 3 months, we will be releasing a series of 5 videos outlining the issues facing our lake community. Each video will be 5-10 minutes in length and build on the information provided in previous videos.

This 1st video is 5.5 min long and outlines the natural process of lake eutrophication. It provides the basis of what solutions are required and how they will reverse this natural process and return our lake to a healthy balance

Understand the progressive process by which eutrophication takes place

In addition to the series of ongoing videos, we have scheduled four member information sessions throughout the area to provide each member reasonable opportunity to receive the most current data, ask any questions and provide their constructive input on how to refine the proposed solution to better meet the needs of our membership. Please take the time to view these short videos as well as attend at least 1 of the scheduled member sessions.

The following dates, times and locations have been reserved for these information sessions:

Monday 3/02. 7:00p – 8:30p: Spencer road Library (Youth Program Room)

  • 427 Spencer Road, St. Peter, MO  63376

Monday 3/09. 7:00p – 8:30p: Oak Bend Library

  • 842 S. Holmes Ave, St. Louis MO 63122

Saturday 3/28.  10:00a – 11:30a: ILPOA Community Building, Cuba MO 65453

Tuesday 4/14. 7:00p – 8:30p.: Daniel Boone Library

  • 300 Clarkson Road, Ellisville, MO 63011

Please direct any questions to the Lake Restoration Committee at

ILPOA Roads & Maintenance Update

Information below proved by Gary Campbell, Roads & Maintenance Chair

  • Equipment Status
    • Obtained new salt spreader (paid by Booster Club). Prepped second truck to carry same. Both salt spreaders are currently operational.
    • Worked on skid loader to repair hydraulic valve. Valve is at a shop in St James for rework.
    • Worked to repair Kubota tractor that broke during brush removal on dam. Because of its age, can’t get parts. Welded and rebuilt old part. Completed.
    • Repaired hydraulic leak at lift ram white truck.
    • Installed protective screen and set up skid loader for brush-arm attachment.
    • Performed periodic services and cleaned equipment following salt applications.
  • Potholes
    • The weather hasn’t been the greatest in the past month, but when it has cooperated, we have been out on Lakeshore, Pontiac, Pawnee, Whitehawk, Big Bear, Sanchez and a few others patching potholes. Sanchez was a bit more than just potholes as it got plugged and washed out during one of our heavier rains.
    • When the weather allows, we will continue our efforts with the potholes and our hope is that by Memorial weekend, might have them in fairly decent shape—weather permitting!!
  • Community Center Venting
    • Modifications to the venting prior to the first pancake breakfast on Memorial Weekend. Bid of $450 for labor and parts to be picked up by the Men’s Club.
  • To-do’s
    • Culvert replacements (50 plus needing this). Many old medal culverts have rusted and are eroding under the existing culvert. Plan to replace the worst ones on the most crucial/heavily traveled roads as soon as weather allows.
    • Gas regulator replacements/install at Community Center
    • Tire disposal-Joe has found a place in town who will do same for $3/tire.
    • Tennis court repair
    • Warm weather projects such as buoy reinstall, installation of flotation device at cove 9, cut shoulders to improve runoff.

ILPOA Legal Update

The information below was provided by Chris Pinaire, ILPOA Security Chair []

  • Brunts, Wideman, O’Fallon, Williams (Plaintiffs) Lawsuit against Indian Lake Property Owners Association (ILPOA)
    • Trial date set for April 14th and 15th on first three counts
  • Trail Road Case
    • Upcoming court date on February 19, 2020 to hear motion by Mr. Brand’s attorney and Mr. Bayless’ counter claim.
    • Case set to go to trial on 9/17/20 at 9 a.m. (CST)
  • ILPOA Lawsuit against All-Type Fence
    • Plaintiff (ILPOA) depositions were conducted on 2/7
  • Other Items:
    • There is approximately $72,000 in past dues, fees, etc. for 24 properties. Several liens have been filed.
    • We have two guests of members that have caused approximately $1,075 in gate damages. We are consulting the association attorney to determine next steps.

ILPOA Security Update: Security Incidents

Information below provided by Koren McGinnis, ILPOA Security Chair []

1/6         Found exit gate arm broke off between 9PM-10PM

1/7         Received call at 8:52PM that guest gate arm had been knocked down

1/11       Received call at 1:35AM that part of San Chez had been washed out causing a hole in the road that needed attention.

1/11       Received call at 7:47AM from CenCom explaining there was a structure fire making sure the gates were open for emergency personnel.

1/11       Received a call 3:57 PM that a member had property damage from another vehicle

1/13       Opened dam

1/15       Member stopped to tell security that a neighbor had made threats to him and that he had called CCSD.

1/18       Received phone call to report a red ford explorer was behind the dam.  CCSD was called.

1/19       Dam remained closed due to ice

1/19       Water leak at cove 1 causing road to cover with ice, salted the road

1/19       Received a call from a member in not good standing to let them in the gate because they forgot their card.

1/19       Received call at 2:23 PM from a member saying he saw on his security camera that his tie wall was on fire and if security could check it out.  Fire department was called.

1/27       A vehicle was obstructing the roadway by cove 9, a tow a way sticker was placed on the vehicle.

1/27       Received a call at 5:17 PM that a vehicle was driving by a member’s home very slowly.

1/28       Placed a tow-a-way sticker on a car that was parked at the office with no owner around.

2020 ILPOA Dock Lottery

This year’s ILPOA Dock Lottery will be Saturday, March 7th at 1 p.m. at the Community Hall.  Below are some key reminders:

  • Determination if member meets the criteria to participate in the lottery event will be based on information available as of March 5th 2020 (4 p.m.).
    • Must be a Member in Good Standing
    • ILPOA Annual Dues Must be Paid
    • Application and Lease Payment received at ILPO Office (payment will be deposited upon receipt)
  • By March 31st you must have returned your signed Boat Dock Lease Agreement and purchase your 2020 ILPOA watercraft sticker at $25.00 each.
  • Any application received after the cut-off date (March 5th, 2020 at 4 p.m.) will only be able to make their selection after all other lottery participants have made their selections.  These late application selections will be made in the order they were received.

Remember, you can always drop off your payment and application at the ILPOA Office. We do have an “after hours” mail box on the ILPOA Office building by the front door.

Below are the Dock Lease Documents (all documents are available at

Should you have any questions you can contact the ILPOA Office ( or 573-885-3630). Thanks in advance for your participation.

Don Kalista

ILPOA Office Chair