Unauthorized Vehicles on ILPOA Dam

Members, as we reviewed during the ILPOA Quarterly Member Meeting, we are experiencing a problem with vehicles on the backside of the dam. This could be causing serious, permanent, expensive damage to our dam.

The DNR has advised that there are to be no ruts, tracks, etc on the backside and bottom field of the dam. In addition, our rules and regulations, Section 10.G. “Golf carts, ATVs and ORTV’s are only permitted to be driven on roadways and are not to be driven through members property or on unpaved/un-graveled association property that is not owned by the driver or owner of said vehicle.”

Last Saturday, we received a call from a concerned member (thank you!) who witnessed a SUV (full sized) driving around at the bottom field of the dam, causing damage. Together with our security force, the Sheriff’s department cornered this vehicle/driver and passenger. Crawford County removed and dealt with the offenders. Please be on the lookout for any vehicle (whether it is a car/SUV/ATV/golf cart, etc) on Association property off ANY OF OUR ROADS and call security immediately with as much information as you can give them. We are also looking into adding more cameras throughout the neighborhood in non-public areas. We will contact the Sheriff’s office and have any offenders prosecuted.

Thank you,

Koren McGinnis, ILPOA Security Chair

Mary Beth Huffman, ILPOA President

Nuisance Animals – Beavers


As we had communicated earlier, we are experiencing damage with beavers in the Cove 9 area that have become a nuisance.

We asked for help from our members and one experienced trapper/hunter has stepped forward.  We are thankful for his willingness to help our community.  He has submitted a comprehensive plan to help us rid Cove 9/island of future damage.  Also, thanks to the others who reached out with information, names of trappers, etc.  Just as a note, pelts do not bring in much money anymore, so it is difficult to find help, especially from folks that do not live in the community as traps are expensive and need to be checked daily.

I have contacted a few neighbors in strategic areas and have been granted permission to use their property to set traps, and other neighbors that have particularly good/safe spots that will allow us to hunt on their property.  We will also be using the Association’s property at the islands for this purpose. 

As discussed in our Quarterly meeting, we have been experiencing quite a bit of dogs running at large.  Our rule states:  “No Member owning or harboring a dog or cat within Indian Hills Subdivision will allow such animal to run at large.  For the purpose of this rule, the term “at large” is defined as off the premises of the owner, when not under the control by leash of the owner or a person over the age of twelve (12) years.”  This is all the more important with traps being set.  We will have signs warning of the locations of traps.  It is CRITICAL THAT YOU KEEP YOUR ANIMALS ON A LEASH PER our rules, especially during this trapping operation.

We may find in the future that a controlled hunt similar to our goose hunt is a better way to go.  We will communicate that process if and when it comes to it. 

If you have any information that may help us, please reach out to me at bod.mbhuffman@ilpoa.org.

Mary Beth Huffman

President – ILPOA

New ILPOA Communication Committee Needs You!

With limited resources and time, effectively communicating to our members has been a challenge which we realize needs to be improved.  In order to address the need for more effective communication we need you help through your participation in the ILPOA Communication Committee. 

As a member of the committee all ideas are welcome as we identify communication options to help all members be informed about what is going on in the community.  We can meet at the lake or conduct video/audio conference calls that will enable you to participate whether you are full or part-timer.   This is not a big commitment of time but through your work it can pay off in a big way.

If you would like to help please contact us at indianlake@ilpoa.org or phone the ILPOA Office (573-885- 3630).

ILPOA Communication Committee

January 2020 Quarterly Member Meeting

Quarterly Meeting Minutes

ILPOA – Community Center

Saturday, June 11 – 9 am

Welcome Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

  • Tribute to Mark McLean

Introduce 2020 Board and Assignments

  • Mary Beth Huffman                     President
  • Don Kalista                                     Vice President, Office Chair
  • Scott Rockafellow                         Treasurer, Co-Chair LIMR
  • John Richmond                              Secretary, Chair Building Permits
  • Chris Pinaire                                   Chair Legal, Co-Chair LIMR
  • Koren McGinnis                             Chair Security
  • Jeremy Huguet                              Vice Chair Legal
  • Bill Brumitt                                     Chair LDS, Nuisance Properties
  • Gary Campbell                               Chair Roads and Maintenance

2020 Strategic Initiatives

  • Resolve Obstacles with Securing the Entrance/Exit to Our Community
  • Develop Actionable Infrastructure (Bridge, Dredging, Roads) Solution
  • Identify Strategy to Address Limitations of BUR (Warranty Deed)
  • Develop Communication Strategy for ILPOA Members to Allow Easy Access to Key            Information and Increasing Community Awareness
  • Promote and Market Community Involvement by All Members
  • Develop Strategic Operating Budget Based on Near- & Long-Term Needs of Community

President Update

  • Gate Issues/Security
    • Latest incident at exit gate.  Guest of a renting member did not stop at stop            sign, piggy backed onto his girlfriend’s car, arm came down on his pickup truck, he stopped, and backed up into the exit gate and caused massive damage.  Police called, video turned over, advised IH wishes to prosecute to the fullest.
    • To ALL MEMBERS AND YOUR GUESTS.  Both the entrance and the exit gates have STOP SIGNS that must be obeyed.  All damage to windshields, cars, etc have been due to the member/guest ignoring the stop sign.  You must stop and WAIT YOUR TURN – wait for the arm to come down from the car in front of you, do not piggyback onto the car in front of you.  We have avoided all insurance claims to date as offenses are clearly shown on our video.  The process is that if you ensue damage to your car, send the information to YOUR insurance company, they will deal with our insurance company.  We send the videos to the insurance companies showing that the member/guest ran a stop sign.
    • The gate contractor has ordered parts and will be here next week to fix the vandalism and other issues such as the rolling gates that have been having issues not being consistent.
    • Most gate issues coming from guests of members not in good standing and renters and guests of renters.  As members are responsible for their guests and renters, they are made aware, written citations, etc. of the behavior or their guests/renters. 
    • Question:  Is it possible to not allow long term renting at IH?  Our lawyer has advised no that we cannot disallow renting.  (We are exploring the possibility of disallowing short-term renting, VRBO’s, etc. – as a violation of the BUR to run a business at IH).
    • Have a meeting set up with Crawford County Sheriff Department early February to discuss supporting our efforts, what we can do to help them help us.  May ask members for help with making our feelings known to Police/Prosecuting Attorney, etc
    • Wellness checks will not be performed by our security roving patrol.  If you fear for your loved one, please call 9-1-1 or a neighbor.
  • Roads/Maintenance
    • Joe Modray and Walt Koyn have been an invaluable asset to both Road/Maintenance and Security.
    • Gary Campbell gave a quick update, with the tempered weather, have been able to work on more potholes than a usual winter. 
    • Maintenance has been able to clear the brush from the spillway.
    • Will be welcoming Matt Eaton back part time on Monday after a long illness.
  • ATVs
    • ATVs, Golf Carts or any vehicles are NOT ALLOWED on the back of the dam.  They are putting ruts in the dam, which damages the integrity of the dam.  Please call security immediately if you see anybody on the back of the dam.
    • The Board is looking at the possibility of installing some boulders along the road of the dam, in conjunction with re-installing the damaged cable.
  • Animal Nuisances
    • There has been quite a bit of complaints regarding dogs/cats.  Crawford County does not have an animal control.  Cuba Animal Shelter cannot come to Indian Hills.  The Association will write citations if it is known where a nuisance dog/cat’s home is and there is a documented incident.  After 3 citations, the member will be considered a member not in good standing.  Discussion among members about neutering strays. 
    • Beavers.  Bill Brumitt is working on comprehensive plan of hunting beavers.  Mary Beth Huffman will be meeting with trappers/hunters on Monday to put together a plan with them.
  • Address Markers on Houses     
    • Please consider some kind of address marker on your house.  It was evident at the Christmas parade that it is very difficult to see addresses, which could be valuable seconds in an emergency.


  • The operational costs and account balances were reviewed.  (Overall budget vs costs ended up at 99%). 2019 goals all met and completed.
  • 2020 Financial Strategic Initiative – develop 3-year financial budgets and plans, based on near and long-term needs of the Community.
    • Continue to fund reserves to protect against unforeseen emergencies
    • Layout 3-year plan & proposals
      • annual operating needs are funded
      •  “Small Projects” that need funded are prioritized, and so as to not jeopardize annual operating needs
      • Larger Projects (Non-MIP/LIMR) are anticipated and funding is set aside properly and addressed


  • All Type Fence: Going into discovery/deposition phase of suit
  • Brunts/Williams/O’Fallon and Wideman vs ILPOA
    • Judge Parker has ruled on what motions are to be included in the case.  The temporary injunction to stop assessments was denied, members to continue to pay assessments. 
    • January 22 is the next date when depositions/discovery to plaintiff’s, etc and it is possible a trial date will be set.
  • Trail Road: No new updates at this time.


  • Cove 9 Bridge Replacement
    • Cochran is completing the design this month.
    • The bridge committee will put the project out to bid to multiple firms in late spring/summer.  Requirements for insurance, etc. will be included in the bids.  
    • Plan:  Make modifications to the spillway for flood purposes.  Take the lake down as far as possible after the season (exact date TBD), expect 4 months of construction, and hope to be complete to begin the spring/summer season.
  • Roads
    • No update received
  • Lake Restoration
    • Have received information/data from the committee and the board is also looking at the possibility of a Mock-Up Aeration/Chemical system.

Office Update

  • Dock Lottery will be held on March 7 at Community Center at 1 p.m.
  • New Cloud-based Member Database – will have greatly enhanced member capabilities
    • Ability to send text-based communications
    • One capability will be the ability to pay your dues with a Credit Card (fee will added to your transaction) and by ACH.
  • Communication Committee
    • Don Kalista/Mary Beth Huffman will head up a communication committee.  Members please contact us if you are interested in joining/input.
    • It is the policy of the board to not engage in conversations on social media.  We do post controlled announcements and messages, but then close the conversation.  Please understand that we will not manage the Association through social media.  If you have an issue, the proper direction is to contact a board member through their board email addresses.  Nothing will be done with social media posts.  There is also a maintenance form should you wish to report a maintenance item (will be posted on our website if it is not there already).

Lake Dam Spillway

  • Will have additional water tests this year.  We will communicate the results once we receive and verify the results.
  • Asked the members if a night time Blessing of the Boats would be desirable.  A lighted parade. Had a very positive response.  One member asked that the parade go through the entire lake instead of just a part.


  • Men’s – Pancake breakfast Memorial Weekend
  • Ladies Aux – Pot Luck 2/11 at 5 pm;  Spring Luncheon April 18 – 11:00 $20;  Mystery Party in Fall
  • Booster Club  Upcoming Bunco TBD;  Family Days
  • Marina – Updating the Association’s building with roofing, insulation, etc.  Looking at another concert at the marina, wine tastings in the spring/summer.