Booster Club Thanksgiving Event (November 2019)

The Booster Club’s Thanksgiving Event was a tremendous success! With over 120 folks, the Community Hall was overflowing with neighbors, food and LOVE! Thank you to every person and family that participated. Special thanks to Bev and Gary Campbell, Nancy Windorf, Dave Kraft and Carla Addison for setting up the hall. The buffet line was incredible – absolutely scrumptious dishes from all! Bev had a wonderful table full of attendance prizes. But best of all was visiting (and meeting new) neighbors! We all are very thankful for our neighbors and friends at Indian Hills. We heard from many, many folks that this needs to become an ANNUAL event. We learned a few things to improve on next year (access buffet line on BOTH sides, etc) – would love to hear any comments below.

Thanks to ALL!!!
Mary Beth, President-Booster Club

Booster Club Update (11/21/19)

Happy Thanksgiving!  We are hosting the Thanksgiving Celebration on Saturday at 3:00 at the Community Center.  Please join us and please make sure that your neighbors are aware of the event.  Booster Club will be providing turkey, water, iced tea.  Bring a dish to share with the community if you can-but not necessary.  Some attendance prizes.  What a great way to connect and celebrate with our neighbors-hope to see you there, it is sure to be quite a FEAST! 

Following right behind is the Holiday Light Contest.  On Saturday, December 14, we will meet at the Community Center at 6:30 and view the community decorations from 7-8.  Return to the Community Center for Holiday Cheer, a visit with Santa, and awards at 8:30.  There are four categories:  Most Traditional, Best Griswold (whimsical), Best Blow Ups and Best Doorway.  Please RSVP to of how many children you will have as Santa will have a very special treat for the kids.  Also, if you will decorate, please email to by December 12 with your address so that we can get your house on the ballot (not required to be present that evening).  There are some donated decorations at the Marina if you would like to use them.

We have had a very generous offer from some very smart gals and guys to help our members install and use social media.  If you bring your laptops, phones, tablets to the January 18 meeting at Community Center at 9:00 am they will sit with you and help you with the Indian Hills Next Door or Facebook pages!  Please take advantage of this opportunity.

The golf committee has chosen a date for the FIRST ANNUAL INDIAN HILLS golf tourney!  Save the date for September 19 at Cuba Lakes Golf and Country Club.   Please contact me if you’d like to be a part of the planning committee.  There will be a full, fun day of golf and an evening dinner/auction/entertainment to include the non-golfers as well! 

Please join us for the Booster Club meetings.  This is a WONDERFUL group of folks who work hard and play hard to make this community better.  The meetings are on the third Saturday of each month at 9:00 at the Community Center, although December will be an exception:  December 14 at 9:00.  We are already talking about 2020 activities, exciting stuff.  If you would like to be put on the email list for the Booster Club, please let me know.

Mary Beth Huffman

President – Indian Hills Booster Club

314 713 2172

2019 Annual Election Results

The election committee chaired by Marsha Schramm and Kathy Kamper along with the following committee members completed the counting of ballots on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

Jackie Koyn                    Walter Koyn                              Gary Kamper                    Barry Alick

Lana Santacruz             Henry Santacruz                       Tom Weithop                   Sandy Weithop

Bob Gray                        Francine Heitzman                  Shar Clark                        Pat Volz

Petie Modray               Dana Murray

This is a huge undertaking that this group has tackled with the utmost attention to detail and thoroughness. On behalf of the board and the membership thank you for giving up your entire day to ensure the results.  The ballots counted and details below were for the following; election of new Board of Directors (3), proposed Rules and Regulation changes (4), proposed Bylaw changes/addition (2).

  • This year we mailed out 964 ballots to our members.
  • We had 520 ballots (54% Return Rate) in the P.O. Box when they were picked up on 11/13
  • As of 11/13 we had one 1 ballot that was returned because it was undeliverable
  • As of 11/13 we had one ballot that was not sent to the P.O. box as indicated on the ballots and on the return envelope.

The following are the results of BOD elections.  The top three (3) candidates who received the three highest number of votes will be sworn onto the ILPOA BOD Board at the December BOD Meeting.

  1. Don Kalista (334 Votes)
  2. Mary Beth Huffman (303 Votes)
  3. Bill Brumitt (267 Votes)
  4. Gary Campbell (244 Votes)
  5. Dale Brunts (137 Votes)
  6. Jim O’Fallon   (78 Votes)

  NOTE: There were 12 write in names.  1 had 3 votes, 3 had 2 votes, and 8 each had 1 vote.

By-Law Results: 


PASSED.  503 Votes.  349 YES, 154 No.  69% Yes
A.2 – Phase 2-Cove 9 Bridge- Construction Assessment.  The Board of Directors shall be authorized to levy a one-time special assessment of $362,821 for the phase 2 construction of the Cove 9 bridge by each Member who owns a developed (lot with a dwelling) and/or an undeveloped lot (lot without a dwelling on it) within the subdivision.

  • Each member in Indian Hills Subdivision who owns a developed lot (lot with a dwelling) and/or an undeveloped lot (lot without a dwelling on it) shall be subjected to a one-time special assessment of $376.00.
    • Members will be given the option to make two equal payments totaling $376.00 if they so choose. Due no later than March 1st 2020 and August 1st 2020.
  • All special assessment funds collected for the Bridge Construction will be held in a Restricted Special Assessment fund and all funds not used will go toward road work within Indian Hills subdivision.


FAILED.  512 Total Votes.  334 YES, 178 No.  65% Yes

Proposed Change:
Any organized or scheduled meeting of the Members shall take place at the Indian Hills Community Hall (hereinafter referred to as Community Hall). In addition to any physical or electronic location deemed appropriate by the ILPOA board. Content of each meeting shall be similar in scope and content.

Rules & Regulation Results:

Ballot Item # 1:  PASSED   511 Total Votes.  389 YES, 122 No.   76% Yes
Proposed Change:
All boats being launched, operated, docked at private or ILPOA docks or on lifts in the lake water of Indian Hills subdivision are required to be registered with the Association Office and to display current ILPOA boat stickers purchased at a total cost of twenty five ($25.00) which will be affixed on the left and right side near the back/rear 1/3 of the boat, above the water line. Lot numbers will be affixed next to the ILPOA boat sticker no less than 3” tall on the right and left side of the watercraft.

Ballot Item #2: FAILED  501 Total Votes.  206 YES.  295 No.  41% Yes
Proposed Change:
Boating speed limit of forty miles per hour (40 mph) will be from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. starting the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day and 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. starting the first Tuesday after Labor Day through the Thursday preceding Memorial Day. Other times, the speed shall be a maximum of five miles per hour (5 mph) with minimum wake.
Proposed Change:
Watersports (i.e. skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding) are allowed from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. starting Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day and 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. starting the first Tuesday after Labor Day through the Thursday preceding Memorial Day. Boating speed limit of forty miles per hour (40 mph) will be from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. starting the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day and 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. starting the first Tuesday after Labor Day through the Thursday preceding Memorial Day.

Ballot Item #3 FAILED  503 Total Votes.  229 YES, 274 No.  46% Yes
Proposed Change:
Wake surfing is permitted by V-drive and direct drive watercraft in the middle of the lake during weekdays only.  Wake surfing is prohibited on weekends.
NOTE: If this Ballot item passes then SECTION 4. SKI, TUBE AND WAKEBOARD SAFETY, Paragraph M. “All tow ropes must be at least 50’ long” will be overturned.  

Ballot Item #4 PASSED.  503 Total Votes.  391 YES, 112 no.  78% Yes
Proposed Change
The ILPOA Board of Directors will lower the lake every four (4) years (Presidential/leap year) starting in 2020 to allow for repairs on docks/seawalls.

NOTE: Ballot envelopes were picked up on Wednesday, November 13 at approximately 9:00 AM. The USPS employee confirm that all mail from ILPOA PO Box included mail available through 11/13/19 (Tuesday)

Mark McLean


Election Results Coming Soon!

As soon as we receive the details regarding the ILPOA Annual Election/Ballots this evening we will be posting the information on the ILPOA Website with a link to the article on social media. Tomorrow morning we will send the same information out via email.

To those of you who took the time to vote we want to thank you for letting your voice be heard.

Lake Restoration Committee Update

     “As a follow up to our recommendation to the ILPOA BOD and website update in September, we have received member feedback and followed up with more investigations around the potential effectiveness of the suggested solutions by seeking input from governmental agencies. 

     After sending the data and report to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, they referred us to a more appropriate governmental agency, the Missouri Department of Conservation. We have been in touch with a Fisheries Management Biologist there and have facilitated numerous communication exchanges between them and the CEO of and his team. The input from the Biologist was that they had not had exposure to much “Bio-Dredging” in Missouri but certainly confirmed that the lack of dissolved oxygen was a large problem. The MDC confirmed that the process of re-oxygenating ponds and lakes is not a new one, and in fact there were various studies in the 1990’s that documented very positive results. One of these studies is now published in “The Lake and Reservoir Restoration Guidance Manual” as a recommended best practice. At the time of those studies, the oxygenation process was not coupled with any enzyme or other additives to accelerate the process so the MDC could not comment on our specific proposed solution. Scientific studies and appropriate documentation are underway and has communicated their results for review and are working with MDC to conduct “peer reviews” necessary for a full MDC endorsement. The claim of “bigger and healthier fish” could not be supported by the Fisheries Management Biologist without supporting evidence, but 2 of the 3 customer references supported that claim. Peer Reviews are a lengthy process and not likely to be completed in time for our 2020 proposed start.

In the months to come, we will be posting various informative videos outlining various aspects of lake deterioration and how we propose to reverse it. Beginning in January we will be holding Q&A sessions at various locations and welcome your input to address this ongoing problem.

For further information or to offer input, please contact us at “

Your Lake Restoration Committee

Security Gates and Gate Arms are Operational Again

Now that the Entrance/Exit Roads are back open the security gate and gate arms are back in operation. Please remember to have your security gate card with you when you leave the community.

Also, remind your guests that the Member Directory location has moved as part of the new configuration. We’ve seen a number of people drive by it thinking the Member Directory is still located by Guard Shack.

If you forget your gate card and you have your cellphone number in the directory you can always use the Member Directory to call you and you will be able to press “9” and remotely open the gate. Also, in order to speed up the guest process please give your guests your 4-digit code instead of using the long process to look up names. Remind them if they do not reach you to use the new “turn-out” lane to re-enter the community so the person behind them can use the Member Directory. If you do not know your 4-digit code please call the ILPOA Office at 573-885-3630. The office can also confirm the two contact numbers that are in the Member Directory.

Please observe the signage around the gate. Gates are set to allow only one vehicle at a time before the gate arm drop downs. If there is a car in front of you, wait at the stop sign and allow the gate arm to drop down before you proceed to swipe your gate card or move up for the RFID reader to read your RFID tag.

Thanks again for your patience as we all get used to the Security Gates being in operation again now that construction is complete.

Entrance/Exit Road Project Final Update

Gate Arms / Security Gate Being Reengaged – Within the next 24 hours we will be putting the Gate Arms and Security Gate back into service. 

Gate Security Reminders

  1. Make sure you have your Gate Card with you so you can get into the community.
  2. Let your guests and contractors know that the Gate Directory position has moved closer to the office inside the new enclosure.
    1. This is a great time to remind your guests/contractors to use your 4-digit code when calling you to remotely open the gate.  This method takes less than 20 seconds to complete if you are available to answer the call from the gate.
    1. If you have forgotten your 4-digit code please call the office (573-885-3630) during office hours and they will be happy to provide you with that information.
    1. Depending on your phone service you may only have to press “9” once to remotely open the gate but some members will need to press “9” multiple times in order to open the gate.
  3. Wait You Turn – The Gate Arms allow only one car at a time to enter the community before the Gate Arm drops.  Wait for the car ahead of you to go through and the arm to drop down completely before you swipe your member Gate Card or move up with your RFID Card.
    1. Please obey signage and warnings as the association will not be responsible for any damage.
    1. If you experience any damage you will need to submit a claim with your insurance agency to contest the damage.  The association will not work directly with the insured on any claims.  ILPOA will submit video recordings in all cases where a claim is made.

Entrance / Exit Road Improvement Update – The Entrance/Exit Road Project is now in the final stages and I am so proud of the way the first impression to our community looks now that the roads have been repaired, parking lot reconfigured and the new exit-out lane.

  1. Entrance / Exit Road – Old road was torn out and new base installed and then finished with concrete.
  2. Improved Parking for ILPOA Office – With the reconfiguring of the parking lot we have been able to provide better defined parking for our members who come to the ILPOA Office.
  3. New Location for Member Directory – In order to improve traffic flow during high traffic weekends we have moved the Member Directory closer toward the office in order to provide a turn-out lane.  Please let your guests/contractors know that if you are unable to reach you to use the turn-out lane so they can allow cars behind you to access the directory.  Your guest/contractor can than exit out and then return through the entrance road.
  4. What You Can’t See
    1. Better Access to Septic Tank – Previously the septic tank access was below the surface of the road which required the road to be cut-out to access.  Now a man-hole was installed to provide easy access so the tank can be serviced.
    1. Propane Tank Moved – The tank we had was moved from the front of entrance to a more esthetically pleasing location out of view.
    1. New Wiring Conduit – Many times wiring was just buried below the asphalt and in most cases not deep enough which impacted the reliability of the wiring.  Below the surface of the concreate all the wiring is now safely pulled through conduit.
    1. Greenspace Area – The area between the rear parking area and the new turn-out lane will now be greenspace. 
  5. What Still to Come – We are already working with our ILPOA Clubs to develop a landscaping plan for the entrance area, greenspace and specifically around the security gates to make the entrance even more pleasing to the eye.

For those of you who have not been down to the lake recently here are a few pictures of the completed work.

None of this could have happened without great planning and leadership by Pat Leahy (outgoing Board member).  In addition to the planning and supervision by Pat we have to thank John Richmond and our  Maintenance team (Matt Eaton, Kevin and Jim), Walt Koyn, our Security Team (Bobby Stump and Bob Ziegelmeyer) for helping with traffic flow and detours, Don Kalista assisting with all the conduit laid and wire runs and the great partner/contractor Bouse Contracting LLC.

Everyone should be proud of the first impression we created for the community.  It also shows what we could do if we get behind our initiatives to improve our critical infrastructure: Cove 9 Bridge Replacement (voting now), Lake Restoration (presenting solutions to membership) and Roads (member committee working to identify options for membership to consider).

Hope you join us and “Love the Lake” like we do!


Mark McLean (ILPOA President)

Entrance Road is Open!

Today we are opening the entrance road through the member lane into the community.  Because work continues as we get ready to re-engage the gate system the guest lane will be closed.  The gate system will not be in operation until early next week as we put the finishing touches on it. Now is the time to make sure you have your gate card with you again.

As you enter the community through the entrance road, I want to point out a few things:

  • SMOOTH ROAD – something we have not seen in decades is a smooth road but it is what is below the road that is so great.  The road now has a new base which will ensure we have a great road for many years.  You also will not see that conduit has been run that allowed us to make sure our electric and data cabling is properly buried and protected to ensure proper operation of all equipment.  The gate sensors have been properly installed to ensure the are installed to specifications so gate operates properly and consistently.
  • Better Parking for ILPOA Office – we now have additional parking for the office in addition to existing parking on the exit road side.
  • New Position for Gate Directory – the new directory position has been moved back from the guard shack.  You will also notice the new hut build and provided by Pat Leahy one of our Board Members.
  • New Turn-out Lane – we designed the turn-out lane into our design to help traffic flow on busy weekends when guests cannot reach our members via the gate directory.  Now instead of waiting as traffic backs up behind them, they can exit to the left and just circle back out the exit lane.  Then they have the option to return back through the visitor entrance lane and attempt to reach the member again.
  • Future Plans – our members and ILPOA Clubs have agreed to work with us to help beautify our entrance and entrance gate.

Thanks to the leadership of Pat Leahy (outgoing Board Member) our contractor, ILPOA staff and members who have helped on this project.  It is truly something we can be proud of and an incredible first impression for our guests and future members.

We appreciate the compliments and support by many of our members regarding this project along with the new Dam Road.  It truly demonstrates what we can do when we work together to address our infrastructure.

We hope to continue our efforts with a positive vote to replace the Cove 9 Bridge to ensure the safety of community and to ensure emergency equipment will always be able to get to the other side of the lake in times of emergency.  Our member committees addressing Lake Restoration and Roads are also working to present solutions to our members.  Community involvement has never been better and our future as a community has never been brighter because you say and vote “I Believe in our Future”.

Thanks again for your support …

Your ILPOA Board

Lawsuit Update

Dear ILPOA members,

Please see the update below on the current lawsuit by Brunts, O’Fallon, Wideman, and Williams vs Indian Lake Property Owner’s Association (ILPOA).  The plaintiffs’ petition was recently amended and refiled, as many of you may have heard or viewed online.  During a court hearing on 10/22/19, Judge Kelly Parker granted a stay to answer the filing until he rules on the motion of plaintiffs’ and determines if the new pleading is allowed.  The judge has indicated he will rule prior to the next court date, 12/10/19.

Because it may be hard to follow the details through Missouri, I wanted to clarify some of the details on the proposed new filing.

  • DAMAGES – Damages are still being sought after in the lawsuit.  Specifically, the amended petition requests damages within the Fraud and Merchandising Practices (MMPA) Count. 
  • LEGAL FEES – Also, in this MMPA, the plaintiffs request all damages allowed by the statute, which could arguably include attorney fees. 
  • INTERPRETATION of the BUR – If the plaintiffs were only seeking clarification on the interpretation of the BUR, they would have only left the declaratory judgement count of the BUR interpretation and the injunction (which would prohibit assessments including boat stickers, etc.) count in the amended petition.
  • CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST – In the most recent filing, the plaintiffs have dropped the constructive trust count and request that all monies (damages) collected be returned to the four named plaintiffs only (Brunts, O’Fallon, Wideman, and Williams), not the entire community, as was the case in the original petition.

If you have any questions please email and we try to get you an answer.  I also would caution you regarding posting questions on social media because of the complexity of the pleadings.  Many times, you will not get the facts but rather opinions or their interpretation.  The only feedback that matters is the Judge and anything beyond that is purely speculation.

Chris Pinaire, ILPOA Legal Chair