ILPOA OFFICE – Labor Day Weekend & Reminders

Labor Day Weekend is here and it is our final long weekend before we have to begin thinking about preparing our homes and watercraft for the winter.  Here are a couple of reminders:

  • Update Your Contact Information with the ILPOA Office: Make sure you update the office with any changes to your contact information.  Remember we use your primary address to send any official ILPOA information to you such as the annual election information, annual dues invoices, etc.  It’s easy, go to the ILPOA Website ( and click on “Contact” and enter the information and it will be sent directly to the ILPOA Office.  Or, you can email the updates ( or call the office (573-885-3630).
  • Looking for Something to Do on Labor Day Weekend:
    • MEN’S CLUB PANCAKE BREAKFAST – The Men’s Club Pancake Breakfast is on Sunday, September 1st. from 8 a.m. – 11 a.m.  This is a great way to let someone else cook breakfast, see your fellow members and donate to the Men’s Club.  When you pay for your breakfast consider paying a little more because the money goes back into the community.

Don Kalista, ILPOA Secretary & Office Chair

Roads & Maintenance Update – Entrance Road

We have received numerous positive comments regarding the work recently completed on the exit road.  In addition, many of our members indicated they were anxious for us to complete the work with our entrance road.  Our entrance and exit roads are the heaviest use roads in our community in addition to being the first impression to everyone who comes to Indian Lakes.

After much work preparing, planning and coordinating with vendors we are pleased to announce to our community that we are ready to begin the second phase of the project with our entrance road.  This second phase is scheduled to take 4 – 6 weeks with the understanding that weather could impact the planned schedule.  We will do our best to minimize inconveniencing our members, guests and vendor, but we will need your patience. 

At the end of the project we will have not only addressed the deteriorating entrance and exit roads that receive the highest traffic in our community, but also addressed the following as part of this project:

  • Improved traffic flow for people entering the community
  • Better parking for members, guests and vendors going to the ILPOA Office
  • Improved access to the ILPOA Office septic system (currently under roadway)
  • Replace water pipe into the ILPOA Office (currently cannot drink the water in the office)
  • Replace failing culvert pipe at the entrance at DD
  • Eliminate exposed conduit used for Gate Security
  • Landscaping our entrance

Here is a brief description of the sub-phases associated with 2nd phase of our exit / entrance project and the projected timelines:

  • Parking Lot / Entrance Road (projected: 10 – 12 working days depending on weather):  we will be removing the asphalt, installing curbing around a green space island where we will locate the propane and septic tank.  In addition, at the tip of newly created island we will relocate the Member Directory allowing for a U-turn lane in the event that a guest or vendor cannot reach a member.  After this work is complete the gate company will remove the gate arm and gate directory so work on the pavement can begin as part of the second sub-phase.
    • Impact: people visiting the ILPOA Office will need to use parking on exit road side of the office.
    • Impact: Significantly reduce the traffic back-up and improve traffic flow by allowing people exit the guest lane when they cannot reach the member to remotely open the gate.
  • Guest Lane / Culvert Pipe / Gate Work (projected 7 – 11 working days depending on weather): during this sub-phase we will be removing the member side lane from DD through approximately 30’ past the guard shack in order to create a solid pavement base and allow for gate loops to be placed in concrete.  No conduit will be exposed going forward around the newly created island or around the gate.  The culvert pipe at DD will be replaced during this sub-phase.   Concrete will be laid for Guest Lane from DD through to 30’ past the guard shack.
    • Impact: Entrance Gate/Gate Arm will be open
    • Impact: Improve entrance road pavement that can be maintained and last well into the future.
    • Impact: Putting gate loops in concrete will significantly improve the reliability of our gate operation.
  • Member Lane (projected 7 – 11 working days depending on weather): Removal of Member side road, creating new pavement base and laying new concrete.
    • Impact: Entrance Gate/Gate Arm will be open
    • Impact: Improve entrance road pavement that can be maintained and last well into the future.
  • Reinstall Gate Arms and Member Directory (projected 2 – 5 working days depending on the weather):  The gate company will reinstall the entrance lane guest arms and member directory
    • Impact: entrance lanes and entrance gate / gate arms will be in service again.
  • Beautification of Gate Entrance (this will require volunteer support): this sub-phase will address what many of our members have requested which is the landscaping/beautification of the entrance area and around the gates.

It is because of the support and forward looking of our community that makes the second phase of this project possible.  This first impression of our community will be something we all can be proud.  We want to recognize Pat Leahy (BOD), John Richmond (BOD Chair Roads & Maintenance, Matt Eaton (Roads & Maintenance Supervisor) and Mark McLean (ILPOA President) who have committed countless hours away from their families to plan and execute this improvement project. Thank you for your continued commitment to Indian Hills and support for improving our community.



Security Update – EXIT GATE

The exit gate construction is winding down and the Exit Gate and Exit Gate Arm are in service.  Here are a few reminders:

  1. Gate Schedule: The EXIT GATE will be in operation from 11 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.  The exit gate arm will be in operation at all times.  Because of the time it takes for the EXIT GATE to close the GATE ARM will close quicker to act as a deterrent to people trespassing the wrong way into the community through the exit gate.
  2. Gate Operation: When the EXIT GATE and GATE ARM are in service please pay attention to the signage as you approach the gate.  There is a STOP sign and a WAIT YOUR TURN sign on a pole at the left-hand side of the exit road.  This is to remind our members and guests to make sure you do not follow behind another car rather wait for the GATE ARM to close from the car in front of you before you proceed forward and trigger the GATE ARM to open.
  3. EXIT GATE Yellow Lines:  You will notice two (2) yellow lines as you approach the gate.  The yellow lines indicated the two trigger points for the EXIT GATE and GATE ARM.  If for whatever reason when you go over the first yellow line and it does not trigger the EXIT GATE and/or GATE ARM proceed to the second yellow line closest the EXIT GATE.  The second trigger point utilizes an advanced technology that will trigger the EXIT GATE and GATE ARM.  The second yellow line sensor is specially designed to address the issues we had with some motorcycles.
  4. Claims of Damage: This week we had a few members say that the gate damaged their car.  After reviewing the camera video from various angles of these incidents, it was determined that the members ignored the posted signs and tried to follow another car out of the exit gate/gate arm.  As a reminder, if you have a claim of damage you MUST submit your claim via your insurance provider.  Under no circumstances will the association work directly with you on damage claims. 

If you have any issues at the gate you can always contact ROVING PATROL (number is on the gate) or call/email the ILPOA Office (573-885-3630 or

Thanks for your attention and patience

Pat Leahy (ILPOA Board) and Koren McGinnis (Security Chair)

Lake, Dam & Spillway Update – Water Testing

On 8/23/19 (Friday) we completed our scheduled water testing that was expanded to include a test for Blue Algae.  We expect to have the results within the next two weeks.  After we receive and review the results, we will publish an additional update for our members regarding the results.

Bill Brumitt

ILPOA Lake, Dam & Spillway Chair

Gate/Entrance Update

I would like to inform you about what is happening at the exit road and entrance roads.

On 8/12/19 the final leg of the exit road was wrapped up.  Our gate company wrapped up the installation of the new exit road gate arm just behind the exit slide gate.  This arm is amid at the speed up of exiting the community and reducing the wear and tear on the slide gate at the exit.  Just so everyone is aware.  This is a gate arm that is meant to go up and down for each car and not multiple cars at a time.  Please stop and wait your turn to go otherwise damage will be done to this arm and you will be responsible for the damage (ONE AT A TIME PLEASE).  The exit slide gate has also had a timer installed on it and will close every night at 11:00 pm and reopen at 6:30 am.  It will still work like it did in the past so please pull up to the yellow lines to trigger it.  The same goes for the new gate arm, please pull up to the yellow lines to trigger it to open.  For any motorcycles you still may not trigger the first loop but if you pull up closer to the gate the new Optex eye will open both the new gate arm as well as the existing slide gate.  Note the longest arm that is available for these gate arms are 14’ so I’m sure some are asking can’t someone just drive through the exit gate the wrong way and the answer is yes a small car maybe able to squeeze by.  We will be installing a barrier to close that gap to keep a car from getting through.  We will make sure that it is properly marked and very visible to people pulling up to the gates.

As far as the entrance road and gate points at the entrance we are currently working on a plan for that to be concrete too.  We are currently seeking bids for this work knowing that this will even be a bigger project than the exit road.  At the same we want to improve the flow of traffic as well as the ease of getting in to Indian Hills.  This will take a lot of coordination to get it 100% right, spending the associations funds properly, as well as ensuring good quality workmanship.  Please understand when we get this project started, we are concerned about the safety of our members as well as the people completing the work. 

Thanks again for your patience with these projects as we look to keep improving Indian Hills with our limited budget.


Pat Leahy, ILPOA Board

Men’s Club Pancake Breakfast, Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019

Please Mark your calendar for a great breakfast that allows the Indian Lake Men’s Club to support our community. This is the last time this summer to enjoy those fabulous plain or blueberry pancakes along with link sausage and orange drink and/or coffee !!! This is the perfect day to skip cooking breakfast and enjoy a great time with your family, friends and fellow Indian Lake members.

Kids 5 & under eat Free !! 6-15 yrs. – $4.00 and 16 yrs & up $6.00. Contact Fred Rickert, President of the Men’s Club with any questions, (H) 573-677-0158, or (C) 314-540-2022. Donations gladly accepted!

Booster Club Update – 08/04/19

2019 has been a very successful year for the Booster Club thus far.  Here is an update of what has been going on:


Our annual member drive is sent out at the beginning of each year.  This year we have received $25,360, which has surpassed our 2018 goal by 20%.  And there are additional donations still being received!   Each $100 donation earned a  “LOVE THE LAKE ….MOVING FORWARD” tee shirt, 2019 colored gray.  We have emailed donors, yet there are still some who have not claimed their shirts-please contact me at to make arrangements to get the membership shirts you ordered.  We ordered extra shirts to sell at Family Reunion, they went very quickly, although there are some 2XL sizes left for sale at the Marina.  We thank all those who donate each year and our new donators.  It is a fine way to help the Association bridge the gap between what is needed/wanted and what our dues pay for.  Any donations can be sent to Indian Hills Booster Club, 17 Indian Hills Drive, Cuba, MO. 65453, with Booster Club on the front of the envelope.


We started the year with our popular Bunco night.  Just a fun evening, neighbors getting out and getting together during the winter.  Music at the Marina – May 31 was a great success.  The DuBois’, Brakefields, McGuirks, Walkers and Rohal’s got together and planned/executed a free event focused on bringing the community together.  The music was Gavin M – and all enjoyed a beautiful night.  Family Reunion, June 15th was an incredible success and will be summarized below.  We have been brainstorming about future events.  If you have some ideas of what you would like to see, please contact me or attend a Booster Club Meeting.


A very visible project sponsored by the Booster Club has been the electronic sign at the Community Center.  In the spring, with member Kevin Newbern’s help, we upgraded the software on the sign.  We paid for this upgrade by selling advertisements to local vendors.  The right side of the sign is vendor’s advertisements, the left side is the current IH news/announcements and member’s ads.  Please make sure you slow down, read the sign and support these Premier sponsors so that we can encourage future ads.  The Premier sponsors are also listed on ILPOA’s new website.  We also allow Members to rent space on the sign.  You can wish your friends and family a Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Welcome, etc.! The fee for this is $25 for a simple ad for three days.  The software is limited, so any additional work needed for a slide could cost up to $45/three days.  Call me at 314 713 2172 or email me at if you wish to rent an ad.  A special thanks to Mike Schaefer who has become our sign guru. 


The 2019 Family Reunion outshined all of our expectations.  The members of the Booster Club really went all out and worked tirelessly to make this a very successful event!  We tried some new things, an on-line auction, lunch with the Eberle’s, taking credit cards, a bakery, etc. along with the tried and true Hitzeman lunch, silent auction, golf, malts, etc.-it was all fantastic!  We had outside vendors approach us wanting to participate.  The Ladies Aux started us out the night before with an incredible Ice Cream Social that set the family tone for the rest of the Reunion.  The Rt 66 Parrot Head Club brought musician Dave Bennett and a tiki bar for the afternoon.  Sheriff Layman was there along side the Neighborhood Watch booth to talk with our members.  The kids activities included games, water races and a fire truck and pumper.  The Eberle boys did their golf tournament.  150 people bought the Limited 2019 Love the Lake Commemorative Sunglasses.  The center of the activity was the Auction.  Our members bid on various donated baskets, tickets, bikes, quilts, games etc.  Special thanks to Laurie Kraft who led the auction and made it an unbelievable success!  What a great way to bring this community together.  There were times that it was difficult to walk around in the Community Center as it was so well attended, even during the Blues parade, which was playing on the tv!  Thank you to every Booster Club Member who worked so hard, thank you to every person that donated to the auction, and thank you to every IH member that attended and supported the Family Reunion.  We took in $10,865.70 for the event, and after expenses – we netted $8,262.18!! 


So we work hard to bring in money, where does the money go?  Here is a list of approved projects thus far in 2019:

*New bigger, brighter Street Signs to replace the old, faded street signs. 

  • Stocking the lake with fish
  • New Tires for Maintenance Vehicles
  • Installation of a New Water Softener at the Community Center
  • New Backpack Blower And Weed Eater
  • Speed Signs/Barricades
  • $1500 towards outfitting the Water Patrol Boat
  • Phase II of Street Sign Replacement
  • Two Way Radios for Association
  • Brush Hog attachment

The members of the Booster Club meet monthly to discuss and vote on how we will allocate the money.

There has been an incredible amount of donations since the inception of the Booster Club.  Between the years of 2005 though 2016, approximately $60k was donated for too many items to list.  Some donations in recent years include the security cameras at the front entrance, a copy machine at the office, Corporate Embosser, etc.

Future projects being discussed:

  • Landscaping/upgrades to the gate after hardscaping complete, upgrade to cameras – other security cameras in additional areas.

So there are great things going on at the Booster Club.  We are currently taking in 10% of the total income of Indian Hills.  Please consider joining us.  We work hard, but have a lot of FUN doing it!  We meet every third Saturday of the month at 9 am at the Community Center. 

Mary Beth Huffman

President Indian Hills Booster Club