Roads & Maintenance Update – 7/23/19

Approximately 30 tons of UPM (Unique Paving Material) asphalt has been delivered to our Maintenance shop and about 22 tons of it has been applied to our roads so far.  Most of that application has been in the small, but annoying potholes around the lake.  You should notice that many, many holes have been filled with this quality product.  Our Maintenance team has also been tackling some of the larger repairs to the roads that primarily follow the snow route.  These larger repairs are being cut out, with a rock base put in, and then compacted.  Note also these men have been working in unusually hot weather conditions.  Thank you!

The spring and early summer rainy season was so exceptional that more time had to be devoted to cutting grass than normal.  Some volunteers have helped with the grass which has allowed the maintenance team to additionally do pothole repairs.  The team gave extra attention to the beach area by cutting and trimming prior to the June 15 Family Reunion day.  The beach was scraped in order to push out a lot of unwanted weed/grass growth in the area.  Then 50 tons of new Little Piney river sand was delivered and spread over the beach – including the area around the swing set.  An additional 50 tons has been delivered and will be further spread on the beach.  (Sincere thanks to the Ladies Club for the donation towards the sand!)

Speed barriers were also installed along the 2200 block of Lakeshore Drive.  They are meant to be visual and physical warnings to drivers that they should especially SLOW DOWN because of numerous pedestrians, dog walkers and children in the area. We will be talking to members around this area to measure the effectiveness of these barriers to determine whether they are a valuable tool and could be utilized in other areas of the community. A special shout out to the Booster Club for funding these barriers, and to the neighbors who have been passionate about the overall safety of our members and have been vigilant in watching for any careless and imprudent driving.

A new and wider culvert pipe was installed along with the new concrete at DD.  This was MODOT approved and necessary to minimize the risk to autos and trailers potentially falling into the ditch making the right turn onto Highway DD.

We are also looking into solutions for culverts and ditches along the steeper section of Lakeside Drive – especially because of the massive rains we received earlier this year.  We ask all members to  maintain their culvert pipes to ensure they are in working condition  and free of leaves and debris to allow for proper drainage of rain waters. Our dam road will be repaved, weather permitting, this late summer or early fall (using restricted “Dam and Spillway” funds).  This road is in no better shape than any of the other roads in our community.  It will be closed for approximately 2 days while the contractor establishes a solid base to the road, then adds final asphalt for the road.   It will drain properly, will meet MODOT standards and will last for many years to come. 

John Richmond and Pat Leahy, Roads and Maintenance Chair and Vice Chair

Tresurer’s Report – Scott Rockafellow

As promised after the last quarterly meeting, below are is the quarterly budget report.  At mid-year, we have spent 42% of the operating budget, putting us on a good path for the year.  We are also ahead of estimates on revenue collected, due to lower uncollectable accounts.

In addition to the annual operating funds, we have three restricted funds, listed below.  Previous boards were very forward thinking in establishing the “Dam Reserve”, to protect our lake in case the Dam were to ever need extensive large repairs, or have a failure.  Beyond that, our community currently has no Reserve Funds.  Creation of the “Community Reserves” is one of the initiatives we promised to begin in 2019.  A best practice for HOA’s is to have at least 1 year’s operating needs in a reserve account.   We will continue to slowly add to this fund over the coming years, while balancing the current and short-term needs.

The Available Cash” line item is what can be used to fund expenses, beyond the operating budget.  We have available cash to continue to make incremental improvements, but not to fund the larger infrastructure projects.   We continue to look for options for those. 

Scott Rockafellow, ILPOA Treasurer (

Important Update Regarding Exit / Entrance Road

Now that the exit road construction has been started, we have found out the road and the base to the existing road are not in good shape, much like the rest of our community.  We made the decision to move forward with the complete removal of the existing exit road as well as the side parking lot of the community office.  Our goal was to fix this road so that it will last for years to come, and not a quick fix we would have to fixed again in the near-term. 

I have a couple bullets points of why we felt the need to do the entire road and not just the original two areas that we originally addressed.

  • The existing road had little to no base and was not going to hold up for long.  We have been doing patch work in the community for years and it is now time to start stepping up and fixing things the proper way when and where we can.
  • The existing asphalt road has over a 4” hump in the center of the road which was making the new concrete match that hump, which would not have given us a slightly slopped road in order to divert the water run off properly and the way it should be done.
  • The contractor already had his equipment here and it was time to make a deal that was good for the community and the longevity of the road.  This represented a savings of almost 15% less than if we had waited until another date to do the work.
  •  The reason why we are going with concrete over asphalt is the durability, and the longer life that we will get out of this road.  First impression is always nice, the heavy trucks and vehicles that enter and exit our community do a lot of wear and tear on the main part of our exit and entrance. 

What’s Next

  • Our long-term goal is to do the same with the entrance and making it appealing to the eye for members and their guest as well and the durability that concrete brings to the table.  We will evaluate this area strongly and once again get the proper bids and get the best for our community.
    • While we secure bids to address the rapidly decaying entrance road, we will also be shoring up the Entrance Gate electronics that will improve gate performance/reliability and improve traffic flow into our community.
  • As presented at the ILPOA Quarterly Member Meeting, after the exit road is completed, we will be installing the exit gate arm. The new gate arm will accomplish the following:
    • Quicker Open & Close Cycle – this will allow traffic flow quicker, and address people trying to access the community by attempting to go in through the exit lane.
    • Exit Gate Arm will be made of steel and if someone tries to illegally enter the community through the one-way road, they could be subject to damage to their vehicle.  We will have the necessary signage, and ILPOA will not be responsible for any damage.
  • We also mentioned in the ILPOA Quarterly Member Meeting that the existing spikes that were removed for the new gate arm and will be relocated to other areas to address illegal entry into our community.  This will attempt to address the concerns of our members regarding other entry points into our community.

Your Board hopes from the work that is being done that you will see we are listening to our members, adjust our plans, responsibly spend “our” money, and achieve our goal to better secure our community. 

ILPOA Board Contact Information

Below are the email addresses for the ILPOA Board

  • Mark McLean: President (
  • Chris Pinaire: Vice President, Legal Chair, Lake and Infrastructure Major Repair Committee Co-Chair (
  • Scott Rockafellow: Treasurer, Lake and Infrastructure Major Repair Committee Co-Chair (
  • Don Kalista: Secretary, Office Chair (
  • John Richmond: Roads & Maintenance and Building Permits Chair (
  • Bill Brumitt: Lake, Dam & Spillway Chair (
  • Koren McGinnis: Security Chair (
  • Jeremy Huguet: Nuisance Properties Chair (

Other key contact information:

  • ILPOA Office: 573-885-3630 or or 17 Indian Hills Drive, Cuba MO 65453
  • Roving Patrol: 573-259-3700
  • Community Hall: 573-885-2640

Lake, Dam & Spillway – Pondweed Update

2019 Indian Hills Pondweed

In conversations with other lake associations, biologists, and conservation departments, pondweed is expected to be a problem again this year. The large majority of lakes in Missouri, Iowa and Kansas are experiencing an explosion in Pondweed again this year.  We have talked to several conservation agencies and this is what they are saying is the cause:

  • Significant emergence of pondweed last year has allowed the root system to re-sprout this year regardless of treatments.
    • Herbicide treatments are effective for a season much like the herbicides you have to use yearly to treat for crabgrass in your yard.
  • Higher temperatures caused warm water conditions, fuel Pondweed growth again this year in multiple states.
  • Other factors include, number of sunny days, shallow water depths and migratory waterfowl.

American pondweed- Variable leaf pondweed, Split leaf pondweed

  • Variable leaf pondweed produces very small leaves only after reaching the top of the water surface.

Current Pondweed Strategy:

We have a multi-prong approach for dealing with the Pondweed and continue to survey growth rates and strategy effectiveness:

  1. Grass Carp:  Last year we stocked the lake with approximately 400 Grass Carp. Grass Carp will eat three time their own weight each day. This is the first part of our approach and will help stabilize/reduce the current growth and provide a long-term control.
  2. Chemical Treatments: There are herbicides we can use to address the issue quicker than Grass Carp and we have been testing a site-targeted herbicide that ensures the safety to our lake, members (including kids), fish/dogs and our significant investment in grass carp.
    1. Results of herbicide treatments – The results have been extremely positive and we are seeing a 90 to 95% kill rate in targeted areas, but to use this method widescale we will need additional funding that our current budget does not have.


 We will continue to keep our members up to date on our progress to address the problem we are experiencing.  Should you have any questions please send them to the ILPOA Office at


Bill Brumitt

ILPOA Chairman Lake, Dam & Spillway

Exit Road Concrete Work

You will soon notice some changes at the exit gate this week that will enable us to keep our community safe, allow for quicker exit from the community and address people driving into the community through the exit gate.  This enhancement to our exit gate security is a direct result of listening to the feedback of our members.

New Gate Arm:  We will be adding a new gate arm to the back side of the exit gate (DD side) while also removing the spikes to make for a quicker exit from the community.  The new gate arm technology will respond better to all vehicle types including motorcycles for reliable operation.

Exit Gate Spikes:  When the exit gate spikes are removed for the new exit gate arm they will be retained for potential use in other areas of our community.

New Concreate Surface:  There will be two new areas of concrete.  One will be on the DD side of the current exit gate approximately 20’ wide by 25’ deep.  The other area will be at the exit right at DD.  The culvert pipe underneath has outlived its useful life and will be replaced.  That area will be approximately 30’ wide and coming back almost 60’.

I would like to thank John Richmond and Pat Leahy from the Board who have worked together in leading this project.  They both commit so much time to our community while balancing full-time jobs outside of the community.

Work should start Wednesday July 10 or Thursday July 11 for the concrete and the new gate arm should follow after that.  We will have a detour that will lead you from the exit side of the road through the visitor side of the entrance gate.  Also notice we will be leaving all the gate arms up during this time since there will be no way for guests to call in to the members since that will be used for a temporary exit road.  Please NOTE the entrance road will have to be used for entrance AND exit onto DD.

Mark McLean

ILPOA President