Memorial Day Events

Indian Hills Lake – 2019 Blessing of the Boats
Sunday May 26th – 5:45 PM

Boat Parade Details Start time – 5:45 PM In front of the beach Location -Boats will line up in front of the beach, take a short trip to the dam and arriving at Cove 7 to receive the blessing.
2019 Theme – Remembering the brave men and woman who gave their lives, to keep us safe and free. Wave your branch of service and the Stars and Stripes Proudly..
We will be awarding a gift certificate to The Lakeshore Marina for best decorated boat

May 2019 – President Update

Thank you to everybody who was able to attend the quarterly meeting on April 13. We had good attendance and a very supportive membership that attended. I apologize I could not be there but was told by many of you that the board did a great job presenting and informing the membership around our 2019 strategic initiatives. Summer is right around the corner and the team is busy at work. Below is an update on some key issues going on in our community. 


The plaintiffs’ attorney made a motion for a change of judge that was awarded by the courts. Otherwise, no change from our last update. The next hearing date has not been set, but we expect it to be sometime in early to mid-summer. We will keep everybody posted as we receive more information. 


Speeding continues to be an issue in certain areas of the neighborhood. The speed limit in our community is 30 MPH, and we have repeatedly asked everybody to please abide by the speed limit. We have been talking about this problem for way too long and unfortunately, we are not seeing an improvement. We have been looking for options to help and will be implementing the following in the next 30 days. This is a TEST. If it works, it can be expanded. If it does not, other options will be looked at and tried. The primary goal is to TRY to remedy the concerns, and not just sit back and do nothing, and be proactive so no one gets hurt. 

  • Two speed barriers will be installed on Lakeshore between the entrance and the bridge.
  • Barriers will have proper signage, per our insurance company and placed in strategic locations
  • These barriers can be removed and replaced in targeted areas of the community

Sadly, this could be simply avoided by everybody abiding by the speed limit, but we feel the risk is just too high to not take additional measures. 

Animal control 

We want to bring to the members attention the continued challenge that we have with dogs going after/biting members. Unfortunately, we have had some recent events of members/renter’s dogs that were not properly contained or leashed going after innocent members walking by. We are asking everybody that owns a pet to ensure that pets are always contained on their property or on a leash. We are asking all members/renters to be responsible for their pets and know the rules of the community (ILPOA Rules and Regulations section 11). If the rules are not followed, the member will be responsible for all accrued charges. 

Employee operations 

For last few months we have been trying to hire additional security employees for roving patrol, gate operations, and lake patrol. If you know somebody that would be a good fit and has experience, please ask them to consider joining our team and reach out to the office. 

Dam Road 

The road over the dam has been plagued with potholes, leading to concerns regarding the long term impact, and possible damage that could result to the top of our dam structure. After consulting with DNR, seeking advice from a qualified engineer firm, and careful consideration, a decision has been made to replace the Dam Road. The reason for doing the repairs now are twofold: 

  • Be proactive in our maintenance, and not allow the road to get to the point where further damage is caused, leading to higher expenses.
  • The funds to work on the road have been put aside due to the proactive thinking, in establishing the Dam Escrow fund. Funds will not be needed from the general fund and will not have an impact on other priorities. 

Multiple quotes for this work were received and reviewed, with N.B West being chosen to do the work. N.B West is a highly respected company and was recommended by multiple professionals and members. We do not have the exact time of when this will take place, but we will communicate as soon as we do. 

Cove 9 bridge update 

As mentioned in the quarterly meeting the bridge committee recommended that we move forward with Cochran as the engineering company to design the bridge. In our April meeting, the board approved this recommendation. Please see the bridge committee’s communication regarding the details of that decision page 4. We are currently finalizing the contract and expect to have it signed by the end of the week. 

Bridge Closure (May 8th) – The Cove 9 bridge will be closed all day on May 8 to install a rock blanket to reduce the scoring/undermining of the structure. We will re-communicate disclosure prior to May 8 and is subject to change based on weather. 

Important upcoming dates

Quarterly members meeting – July 13 At 9:00 AM in the community hall 

Booster Club Family Day Reunion June 15th @ 10:00 am until 2:00 pm – Community hall Men’s Club Pancake Breakfast – May 26th@ 8:00 am – Community Hall


Mark McLean-ILPOA President


Hats off again to our Maintenance crew as they (as well as numerous volunteer members) successfully moved the underutilized Star Dock from its former location on the west side of the lake, all the way to the south end of the lake at Cove Nine. If you haven’t seen the new improved location and the refurbished Star Dock, take a look at it when you can – you will be very pleasantly surprised. 

The Maintenance crew has been busy filling potholes around the Community and adding rock to some of the washed out shoulders on the roads. Now that grass growing season is here, they have to run to keep up with that responsibility as well. Give them a friendly wave when you see them, but please do not stop them from their progress as they have very tight schedules. If you notice an issue that needs repair, please fill out a Maintenance Request form at the Office. That way we can keep track of them and do our best to get them completed. 

A tip of our caps to the Booster Club who has donated funds for street signs (to be installed soon by generous volunteers); also for funding a new weed trimmer and backpack blower; and for reimbursing us for the installation of the new water softener at the Community Center. Additionally, they have funded two new tires for the Red Maintenance truck and tires for the oil spreader. And, with input from numerous lake members, there was need for reduced driving speeds, especially along stretches of Lakeshore Drive. A new set of street barriers will be placed on Lakeshore Drive or elsewhere as needed before the summer season. The barriers will include signage warning drivers of these barriers. Please observe the warnings – both pedestrians and drivers should be aware of each other – especially along those dangerous stretches. 

John Richmond & Pat Leahy Roads and Maintenance Chair and Vice Chair

May 2019 Treasurer’s Report

As discussed at both quarterly member meeting this year, one of the goals is to make the financial updates easier to understand and provide a clearer picture of the current and long term financial position of the community. Going forward, we will no longer be publishing the balance sheet as the monthly financial update. Feedback received was that it was confusing, hard to understand, and generated more questions than answers.

If you would like to still like to see the basic accounting financial reports, they are published monthly and will continue to be at ILPOA.ORG. They are located under the financial section, and monthly reports that go back to June of 2017 are available

2019 Identified Operating Needs Break Down

The “operating needs” show what the anticipated need is to maintain the community for the year, excluding capital and long term needs. Simply put, “it’s what we need to spend to keep the place running day to day.” The last column shows the estimated change from what was actually spent in 2018.

The estimated operating income for 2019 is $382,770. This is an estimated number that assumes all anticipated funds will be collected. The definition of our operating income amounts to the funds that we should be able to count on for a given year (dues, boat stickers, interest income, ect). I realize that this is not the traditional definition, but it is what I will use going forward to help clarify our numbers.

My plan for future Smoke Signal updates is as follows:

  • Monthly, report on anything that is outside of normal operating expenditures
  • Quarterly, report progress against the operating needs, and show what the actual spend is against the estimates above.
  • Quarterly, report funds that the community has in savings, restricted funds, CD’s, ect.

As stated above, full financial reports are always available on the ILPOA website. If there are any questions, please feel free to send me a note at

Scott Rockafellow– Treasurer

Indian Hills Bass Club

Indian Hills Bass Club Mission Statements

  • Promote the sport of fishing and improve skills as bass anglers
  • Enjoy the sport through friendly competition
  • Encourage boating safety
  • Stimulate awareness of conserving our natural resources through catch and release to promote full adherence to all conservation codes
  • Maintain a friendly rapport with lake community property owners
  • To use bass fishing as a means to developing lasting relationships

Indian Hills Bass Club Rules & Regulations

  • $20 members fee (ages 15 & under, wives/girlfriends are free)
  • $35 entry fee per tournament
  • Membership fee and $5 of entry fee will goes towards the Fish Off
  • Must fish five (5) tournaments to fish the Fish Off
  • All disputes must be made before scales are open
  • Obey the run times (10 a.m. – 6 or 7 p.m.)
  • Mandatory live well heck before start of each tournament
  • Five (5) fish limits, 12” minimum length
  • Weighing in one (1) dead fish is a one (1) pound deduction of total weight
  • Only one (1) dead fish allowed at weigh in
  • You must have an aerated live well
  • No getting out of boat to retrieve your bass
  • No culling at boat ramp when boat is in water